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Getinge donates life-saving medical equipment to Ukraine

In a time where medical assistance is critical, Getinge donates extensive medical equipment to Ukraine. The donation, made in collaboration with the Ministry of Health Ukraine, includes a significant number of anesthesia machines and ventilators, aimed at directly improving healthcare and increasing the country's resilience against the challenges of war.

The equipment, which was previously in operation at Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden, and was decommissioned in connection with an upgrade, represents advanced technology in anesthesia and ventilation support. Getinge has restored and complemented it to top condition to ensure that the anesthesia machines and ventilators can continue to have a direct impact on the quality of life for patients and contribute to high-quality care for many years to come.

“An efficient healthcare system is crucial for Ukraine's future and stability. By having the ability to reuse and upgrade equipment, we can ensure sustainability of products and contribute to saving lives in a war-torn Ukraine. This includes direct humanitarian support to areas where products are needed the most, and to a more long-term reconstruction of the Ukrainian healthcare system where people are fighting for their health and hope for the future,” says Mattias Perjos, President & CEO at Getinge.

The donation is made in collaboration with the Ministry of Health Ukraine.

"International support and partnerships are what help keep our healthcare system resilient, especially during an ongoing full-scale war. Every day we face new challenges that require a quick and effective response. During this time, Russia damaged 1,535 medical facilities and completely destroyed another 201 facilities. These are outpatient clinics, hospitals, maternity hospitals etc. Ensuring access to medical care despite all enemy attacks is a priority for us. I am grateful to everyone who helps us in this: governments, private businesses, and international organizations. Your support is extremely important for Ukraine. It enables our doctors to continue working and saving lives," says Viktor Liashko, Minister of Health of Ukraine.

With the support of the Embassy of Sweden in Kyiv, and the Ukrainian Embassy in Stockholm, Getinge and the Ministry of Health Ukraine have been able to navigate through logistical and administrative challenges to ensure the donation does the greatest possible good.

“The healthcare system is essential to ensuring Ukraine’s resilience. This donation is an example of how companies, authorities and countries can work together to make a difference where it is urgently needed”, says Johan Forssell, Sweden’s Minister for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade.

Getinge is currently preparing the donation for transportation to Ukraine. As the shipment is underway, representatives from authorities will visit Getinge's Solna premises to support the initiative.

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