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A century and beyond with Getinge in medtech

Celebrating 120 years of pioneering healthcare, Getinge reflects on its journey in the industry. With a strong focus on continuous improvement and innovation, the global medtech company stays committed to address evolving needs in healthcare together with customers and partners.

Originating in 1904 on this very day, March 21, Getinge embarked on a mission to evolve healthcare and life science. It was a Swedish entrepreneur, who had started manufacturing agricultural equipment in the community of Getinge, who decided to name his company after the small town in southern Sweden. Soon, Getinge thrived and began to export its products.

The company’s legacy is anchored in groundbreaking achievements in medtech, marked by its initial venture into sterilizers and disinfection solutions for medical equipment. Since then, Getinge’s portfolio has grown, reflecting a firm commitment to excellence, and improving patient outcomes.

“Getinge has always been about pushing the boundaries of what's possible, leading to substantial advancements in healthcare. We designed and built one of the first operating tables, the first modern ventilator, and have been pioneers in sterile transfer systems, to mention a few examples,” says Mattias Perjos, President & CEO at Getinge.

The medtech company’s ambition is to continue driving development forward together with its customers and partners.

“Today, our products contribute to saving 10 million lives per year, and the ambition is to double that number. We also want to contribute to reducing healthcare backlogs and shortening the time it takes for new drugs to reach the market.”

Challenges, such as changing demographics and a growing population, are putting pressure on the entire healthcare industry, and with the rapid development of digitalization and artificial intelligence comes new ways to address them.

“It opens for new opportunities to further improve our products and services. There is also increased focus on sustainability, which is part of everything we do and vital for both us and our customers,” says Mattias. “We have a good ability to adapt to trends, from R&D to specific sustainability initiatives, which makes me optimistic about the future.”

As Getinge celebrates the monumental 120-year milestone, co-workers around the globe remain committed to one common purpose: to make life-saving technology accessible for more people.

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