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Explore a range of integrated infrastructure solutions designed to optimize patient flows, reduce stress and improve the wellness of both patients and staff. Irrespective of whether you would like to increase your need for intensive care beds at short notice, transfer one or several rooms during renovations or renovate your existing ICU department, in order to ensure unimpeded operation during this time: we have the ideal solution for your requirements.

Doctor and a patient in the hospital room

Efficient workflows in a healing environment​

A cluttered ICU environment contributes​ to increased stress on the part of patients,​ families, and staff. The Getinge IN2 ICU Modular Room System, combined with comprehensive planning​ solutions, ensure streamlined workflows to​ optimize patient care. Choose from a wide range​ of materials, colors, and imagery to create a​ supportive and healing environment.


Think horizontal for your ICU

Getinge has developed a horizontal solution to accommodate architectural constraints: Maquet Moduevo Bridge. This economical, space-saving ceiling supply unit is designed to enhance provider-patient interactions at all acuity levels by keeping everything close at hand.

Service team member walking towards a car

Getinge Services

Caring for those who care

Our services teams are committed to help hospitals manage their operations easily, quickly and efficiently. From ensuring maximum equipment performance to supporting you with planning and realization of a whole new department. We have the expertise and resources to support you all the way – contributing to better patient care and hospital efficiency.

Service technician in clinical environment with a laptop

Technical Services

Help ensure uptime and quality of care

We offer a complete range of technical services designed to maximize the useful life and long-time value of your investments. With predictive analytics and a variety of preventive service plans, we make sure your equipment delivers optimal performance over its entire lifetime.

Consultants and hospital employees looking at a tablet

Project Implementation

Make your new installation a success

For more than thirty years Getinge has completed hundreds of installations for hospitals all over the world. We know that the success of a project depends on detailed planning, meticulous cost control, on-time delivery, efficient implementation and risk management. 

Two designers viewing a sketch at a large computer screen

Planning & Design

Realize your vision

Strategic decisions on developing a new facility or applying new technology require some serious thought and planning. Our team will help you get on the right track. Decades of experience in the medical sector have given us a deep understanding of clinical routines and hospital workflows. 

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