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On this page, healthcare professionals will find help and guidance on how to benefit from our offerings to treat your patients, as well as other practical information and advice.

Nurse monitoring

Improve your knowledge on mechanical ventilation

Easy to use critical care ventilators with tools to help you reduce complications and wean earlier during invasive and non-invasive ventilation.

Nurse with gloves monitoring

Diagnose pulmonary edema at bedside

With Hemodynamic insights and quantification of pulmonary edema (ELWI) and it’s cause (PVPI) - directly at bedside - allow intensive care physicians to take rapid therapeutic decisions.

Ventilating ICU patients using Flow anesthesia machines

Improve your knowledge on our anesthesia machines, Flow-i, Flow-c and Flow-e, that use the same core ventilation technology as the Servo ICU ventilators.

Intensive Care

Discover our educational offer, to improve your ability in intensive care, to save more lives and reduce long-term complications.

Remote FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests)

To support our customers we use remote FAT as an alternative approach to performing Factory Acceptance Tests.

Complementary to our physical Factory Acceptance Tests, we offer remote FAT to continue to support you even in times of (travel) restrictions.

Decrease surgery backlog with Torin OptimalQ

The Torin OptimalQ solution helps hospitals worldwide prioritize their surgical waiting list. Download the Torin OptimalQ E-Book and learn more about how we can help you to reduce surgical backlog efficiently.

Get the Torin Optimal Q eBook

Download the Torin OptimalQ e-book