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Welcome to Getinge

Saving lives is - without question - the greatest job in the world. Our job is to help our customers save as many as possible.


One brand, one source

Under the name Getinge we are now unifying our offering and combining all our brands.


Solutions from the experts

Let us help you build a Hybrid Operating Room that sets the foundation for your hospital's future.



The need for integrated solutions and access to knowledge is essential, as technology evolves and therapies become more sophisticated. As your full-service partner, we support you through the entire clinical pathway, so that you can continue to provide excellent care, without ever compromising on quality and safety.

Life Science

Whether you are producing the cures of today or discovering the cures of the future, preventing contamination from occurring is the common challenge. We are there to support you in ensuring a productive and contamination-free research or production environment.

Patient & Post Acute Care

To help improve the lives of patients and residents with reduced mobility we offer integrated products and solutions for healthcare facilities to deliver effective everyday care. We strive to improve efficiency and ensure a safer and dignified environment for caregivers and their patients.

Interim Report January-March 2017

On April 25 we launched our Interim Report for January - March 2017.

Annual Report 2016

Read more about Getinge and what we achieved during 2016.

Our responsibility

We contribute to a sustainable future by acting socially responsible and reducing the environmental impact from our operations.