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Tegris OR Integration

Maximize the utilization of your operating room

Tegris is the modular OR integration solution that delivers video, device and data integration for a simpler, safer and more streamlined working environment, enabling OR staff to focus on providing the best possible care for patients.

Tegris OR integration solution routing monitor
Getinge’s OR integration solution Tegris provides access to high-quality images and video on the right screens
OR nurse using Tegris OR integration solution from Getinge to set up the operating table in the operating room

Manage room, data and video sources with a touch

  • 4K-UHD compatibility
  • Video routing & documentation
  • IT integration
  • Room and device operation
  • Communication beyond the OR
  • Room-to-room communication

An integrated OR can

Reduce patient infection [1]

Shorten hospital stays [1]

Lead to faster patient recovery times [1]

25% improvement in preparation time

The centralized monitoring of images and videos in operating rooms and the cath lab makes an intuitive interface that is very user-friendly.

Tegris OR Integration solution from Getinge

Efficient operating room procedures with Tegris

Be inspired by the Japanese Ichinomiya Municipal Hospital and learn how to improve risk management and operation room procedures with Tegris.

Tegris OR Integration solution from Getinge

Improving patient care quality with Tegris

Tegris has significantly changed the surgical workflow of Acıbadem Maslak Hospital in Istanbul. Learn how Tegris helped reduce costs by improving data security and enhance patient safety.

Tegris video over ip guide - easy OR integration

Video-over-IP is the future-proof solution for the modern OR

High resolution images and videos are key elements of patient diagnostic and treatment for all modern operating rooms. This requires to be supported by the appropriate technical set up. Learn how Video-over-IP is crucial in a performing OR integration system.

Tegris OR integration is 4K-UHD compatible

4K-UHD compatibility

Technology that improves patient care

  • Plug and play 4K-UHD video management and documentation
  • More details and sharper images
  • 4K recording
OR nurse works with Tegris OR integration solution

Video routing & documentation

Intuitive, efficient OR integration

  • Assign different video sources to monitors and save presets for custom scenarios
  • Picture-in-Picture functionality displays several video feeds on one screen
  • Records two independent video signals with audio 
  • Time-shift recording - do not miss valuable information
Full IT integration with hospital IT with Tegris OR integration solution

IT integration

Full OR integration with hospital IT systems

  • HL7 standards to connects easily to HIS
  • All recorded images, videos and documents can be exported to a DICOM archive
  • Integrate with external applications and workstations in the OR
With Tegris OR integration easy room and device  handling

Room and device operation

Manage OR equipment  

  • Manage video, data and devices from one single source
  • Modular setup 
  • Practically every element in the OR can be managed with the touch of a button
  • Intuitive user interface
Tegris OR Integration solution supports live streaming

Communication beyond the OR

Remote training and teaching with live streaming

  • Transmission outside the OR for training or expert consultations
  • Video streaming to share knowledge and best practices in real-time 
Getinge´s OR Integration Tegris supports outside the OR

Room-to-room communication

State-of-the-art solution for an advanced OR

  • No compromise on image quality and latency, when sharing videos and images with colleagues
  • Image sharing up to 4K-UHD with high quality audio

Tegris user interface elements

​Tegris enables you to manage the entire OR from a single, fully customizable user interface. Explore the different user interface elements by clicking on the orange pins on the picture.

Tegris user interface

Tegris user interface

1. Header

• Continuous display of important key patient data<br/> • By tapping on patients name more data can be shown<br/> • Patient data overlays can be displayed on all monitors

2. OR name and availability status

• Define, how the OR team is notified about incoming calls for room-to-room communication and conferencing

3. Workflow menu

• Divided into three stages for maximum clarity: Workflow menu for pre-op, intra-op and post-opUser is guided through entire OR workflow – from start to finish<br/> • Each step of the OR workflow is configured to the customers’ needs at installation time to the system<br/> • Surgical safety checklists are integrated

4. Quick Access

• Access all functions of the system, no matter whether they are available in the workflow menu or not

5. Content

• Screen colors are intentionally muted to avoid unnecessary distractions<br/> • Intuitive user interface, regardless of selected function

Tegris the full OR solution

Have a look at the videos and see how Tegris can support you during your daily work.


OR Light Control


Monitors and Touchscreens


Video Routing

Tegris OR Integration solution with 4K-UHD imageing

State-of-the-art video management and crystal-clear imaging in the OR

With flexible routing of all image and video sources in the OR, Tegris optimizes the surgical workflow. The OR staff are able to quickly and easily access the images they need, when and where they need them.  Images are always displayed in the best possible resolution up to 4K-UHD.


Tegris OR integartion for a safe and streamlined OR

Supporting a safe, hygienic and streamlined OR

Tegris centrally manages and operates a wide range of equipment and devices fin the OR. This creates a safer, less cluttered environment without unnecessary cables or the need for multiple remote controls and battery charging. No matter your requirements, Tegris can be customized for your specific needs.

Increased patient focus with Tegris OR integration

Increased patient focus ensures the best possible care

The central management of OR equipment ensures surgery staff have more time to focus on the patient. Tegris enhances patient safety and quality control by reducing the need for manual data entry. In addition, a surgical safety checklist is maintained during all steps of the surgery.

Future-proof your OR  woth Tegris OR Integration solution

Future-proof your operating room

Tegris can be customized and configured for just a few image sources in the OR to a fully equipped multimedia hybrid setup. As a modular solution, Tegris can handle everything from basic video routing to complete room and device management.

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