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Saving lives is – without question – the greatest job in the world. As a leading medtech company, we focus every talent and resource towards helping our customers save as many as possible.

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One brand, one source – bringing the best together

With brands like Maquet, Lancer, Atrium, Pulsion, Datascope, Getinge, Steritec, Stericool and Trans – just to name a few – the group has grown to become a global market leader in many healthcare and life science segments. We are now unifying our offering and combining all of our talent and resources under one brand.

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As we grow stronger, so do our customers

And as one truly global brand, we gain immediate access to a vast pool of first-hand knowledge and experience – and so do our customers.

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Striving to improve everyday life

Our products and people remain the same, yet our offering has evolved significantly. We count on thousands of people in over 40 countries, all dedicated to elevating the everyday healthcare experience for our customers and for the patients.

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In the business of saving lives – quality and safety are key

Our purpose is to improve people’s lives. This means we never compromise on quality and safety. In every step of the way, from research and medical innovations to healthcare delivery - we’re committed to secure the safest and most reliable patient care possible.

Value can be measured and felt

Our job is to simplify workflows and raise the bar in terms of how efficient, safe and productive our customers can be. The goal is always to ensure that everyone can perform with  absolute confidence. And that these positive outcomes are also felt by the patients.

Our resources are our customers' resources

As technology evolves and therapies become more sophisticated, the need for integrated solutions and access to knowledge becomes essential.

Every new innovation must prove its worth. In terms of how well it works and how well it fits within our customers' unique environment. It’s our responsibility to prove the value of our offerings, and to help our customers to see it too.

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Passion for life

In a profession where health and lives are at stake, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our customers can do their job under the best possible conditions. In turn, our customers gain precious time for reflection – that essential ingredient for quality patient care.

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By our customers' side every step of the way, embracing the miracle that is life.

Learn more about what we can do for you

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About us

Getinge provides products and services for operating rooms, intensive-care units, sterilization departments and life science companies and institutions.

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Solutions to preserve the miracle that is life

As your full-service partner, we support you through the entire clinical pathway, so that you can continue to provide excellent care, without ever compromising on quality and safety.

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Why are we changing?

Over the years Getinge has grown and turned into a global market leader in over 40 different countries. The changing world has made us bring our many brands together so that we can change the world as one.