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Meet the Passionate People of Getinge

At Getinge, there are about 10,000 employees worldwide. But who are they, and what kind of passions and superpowers do they bring to work? Get to know some of Getinge’s employees who all have a big thing in common: Passion For Life.

Getinge’s brand promise Passion For Life summarizes the employees’ passion to provide innovative solutions that help improve people’s life. It is something that lies the people of Getinge very close to heart.But who are the people of Getinge? What do they do when they are not working? In a series of stories called The Passionate People of Getinge the global medtech supplier presents co-workers around the world, who cannot settle for anything less than to always go where their passion takes them.

There is Natalia – who cheered for her daughter on the sideline for nearly 12 years, before she took a deep dive herself into the demanding but yet wonderful world of artistic swimming. She is also a Material Specialist for critical care equipment such as ventilators. Then we have Johannes, a member of Superheroes against cancer who visits children’s hospitals to spread hope and joy. He also spends his days building autoclaves that help fight contamination and hospital-acquired infections.

Patricia is a dedicated desert hiker who loves to walk for miles and miles when and all she see is sand, horizon and a clear blue sky. She is also Managing Director for the sales and service unit in France. At night, Björn is a famous power metal star. Daytime, he help optimizes central sterile supply departments.

Visit Getinge’s website to meet many more passionate employees and listen to their full stories.

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