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We are the rock stars, we are the surfers, we are the ones who are passionate for life. We are so many different things. But what connects us?
We are the people of Getinge.

Clémence the judoka

Black belt, balance, values and friendship. She found it all in the dojo.

Meet Clémence

Natalia the artistic swimmer

After years of cheering on the sideline, she is now becoming one with the water

Meet Natalia

Stefano the Futsal coach

This coach stands behind his team every step of the way, towards Futsal world champions.

Meet Stefano

Kathrin the storyteller

She is the only special effect they get, but one that they will never forget.

Read more about Kathrin the storyteller

Catalina the co-pilot

Climbing uphill in fast speed, this co-pilot takes you all the way to the top.

Meet Catalina

Luiza the flamenco dancer

Rhythm is a dancer, and her soul’s companion

Meet Luiza

Johannes the superhero

This superhero fights contamination at work – and at his spare time he helps children battle cancer

Meet Johannes

Marie-Francoise the pilot

The sky is her limit, or at least a starting point.

Meet Marie-Francoise

Yuko the equestrienne

All awards and ribbons on the shelf, but nothing make her happier than caring for her horses.

Meet Yuko

Björn the power metal star

Daytime he optimizes sterile centrals. At night, he is a power metal star.

Meet Björn

Serap the writer

Writing keeps her passion going, so does working with people

Meet Serap

Kerstin the marathon runner

She is crossing the finish line, over and over again.

Meet Kerstin

Srdjan the goat cheese producer

This cheese loving farmer had a dream. And he believed that he could, so he did.

Meet Srdjan

Linn the surfer

She surfs the world to find the perfect wave. Sometimes at sea, sometimes at work.

Meet Linn

Greg the American footballer

His dream came true, now he is following it from another point of view.

Meet Greg