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Ensuring that the new Maquet Ezea surgical light is safe and ergonomically sound

With main focus on safety and ergonomics, Aurélie Godin, Design Effectiveness Engineer at Getinge, has played a key role in the development of the recently launched Maquet Ezea surgical light.

“In addition to internal tests, we also tested Maquet Ezea externally together with a large number of operating room nurses. We asked them to cover most scenarios encountered in real conditions, such as adjusting the light in cold or warm color temperatures or maneuvering the light head in a number of ways,” Aurélie Godin explains.

The meticulous test regime focused on pinpointing potential risks and eliminating defects before the final design is fixed – but also on enhancing the usability aspects before launch.

“To ensure safety, risks are analyzed and evaluated internally and sometimes in collaboration with external laboratories. My responsibility is also to verify that the new surgical light can be used in ergonomically sound way, including the keypad controls,” says Aurélie, who has worked as a design effectiveness engineer at Getinge since 2019.

She is very pleased with the outcome of the Maquet Ezea project, which aimed to ensure that the successor to the Maquet Lucea 100 reinforces Getinge’s position in the surgical light market with a straightforward and dependable system in alignment with evolving standards for risk management.

“Our long track record within surgical lights is a great asset in the development work. Extensive field knowledge, past evaluations and a comprehensive test regime help us cover risks all the way to microscopic levels, such as helping to avoid infections caused by particles falling from the light,” Aurélie concludes.

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