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Collagen (Original Equipment Manufactured)

Collagen (Original Equipment Manufactured)

Bovine Type I collagen for medical grade applications.


Datascope Corp., a Maquet Getinge Group company, has been manufacturing Bovine Type I collagen for medical grade applications for more than 30 years. Our collagen matrix has been used as a component in vascular closure devices and as coatings for textile vascular grafts among other applications.

Bovine Type I Collagen

  • Sourced from Achilles Tendon of animals younger than 2 years of age
  • New Zealand farmed cattle
  • Supplier Certification

Fibrillar Collagen Properties

  • Process designed to preserve integrity and physical properties of collagen fibrils
  • Wide range of non-sterile materials available, customizable to your specifications
    • Long and strong fibrillar material
    • Micro fibrillar material suitable for collagen slurries
    • Compressed sheets with variable density and thickness
    • Processed fleece, pads

Process Environment

  • GMP facility in a controlled environment
  • Large and small lot capabilities
  • Quality processes to ensure absence of cellular impurities
    • Non-collagen protein determination
    • Amino acid analysis
    • Lipid content
  • All lots certified for levels of amino acids, lipid, moisture, impuritie

Ordering Information

Al Forget
Sr. Director Operations Manufacturing

Americas, Acute Care Therapies
Direct: +1 201 995 8861