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Hemashield Platinum Finesse Ultra-Thin Knitted Cardiovascular Patch


Hemashield Platinum Finesse Ultra-Thin Knitted Cardiovascular Patch

Knitted Patches

Proprietary Hemashield collagen impregnation provides uniform tissue ingrowth.  Knitted material allows smooth needle passage. Ultrathin fabric designed to improve handling characteristics.



  • Available in tapered, pre-trimmed design
  • Water permeability: < 5ml/cm2/min[1]

Ultra-Thin Knitted Cardiovascular Patch

Width x Length Tapered  Reference
6 mm x 75 mm Yes M00202019575P0
8 mm x 75 mm Yes M00202019579P0
8 mm x 150 mm Yes M00202019585P0
25 mm x 75 mm No M00202019530P0
25 mm x 150 mm No M00202019561P0

All references

  1. Data on file