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GEC Water Cascade Sterilizers

High-throughput terminal sterilization

GEC Water Cascade Sterilizers are primarily intended for terminal sterilization of large volumes of liquids in sealed glass or plastic containers.

GEC Sterilizer with door closing at customer site

Safe, efficient and cGMP compliant terminal sterilization processes

  • Flexible process design
  • Effective process control
  • Efficient throughput
  • Automated loading solutions

Water Cascade sterilizers deliver sterility of the product in a rapid cycle, yet are gentle enough to protect the integrity and shape of components, products, and packaging.

A wide range of sterilization cycles provides application versatility. Water Cascade sterilizers use water as the sterilization media, recirculated by a high-capacity pump.

These sterilizers are designed for high throughput, managing large quantities of goods in biopharmaceutical production facilities.

Watch the video to discover more about Getinge's automated load handling solutions for terminal sterilization.

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Flexible process design

Flexible process design

Program and processing parameters play an important role in the protection of pharmaceutical products and packaging. The GEC Water Cascade Sterilizers provide a versatile line-up of sterilization cycles to meet your products’ unique requirements. Getinge works with you to define the correct processing conditions, and can conduct test runs on your products during evaluation to ensure optimal sterilization outcomes.

Automated loading solutions

Automated loading solutions

In a busy production environment, transporting products to and from a sterilization chamber is a logistical challenge. Often large, heavy loads must be moved daily to maintain productivity. Yet manual handling is difficult to control according to the validated processes. Getinge supports you with automated, ergonomically friendly solutions for load handling. Conveyor systems and robotic loading play an integral part in maximizing throughput and ensuring process control.

GEC sterilizer drawing

Efficient throughput

Throughput is an important concern in production settings where large quantities of liquids in glass or plastic containers must be rapidly processed. GEC Water Cascade Sterilizers utilize a closed loop water system in combination with a high capacity pump that contribute to rapid heating and cooling and an overall short cycle time.

To meet various productivity needs, the GEC Water Cascade Sterilizers are offered in standard chamber sizes ranging from 0,43 m3 up to 16,2 m3. Getinge can support you with custom-made sizes and configurations to meet your specific production and process requirements.

GEC Sterilizer

Effective process control

Correct pressure and evenly distributed temperature are key to process efficacy while preventing deformation or damage of containers. Temperature and pressure are determined by the liquid being sterilized, fill volume, container material style and type of closure.

During sterilization, water cascades from a perforated tray at the top of the chamber to create a uniform temperature throughout the load during the sterilization phase. Temperature and pressure are independently controlled; by accurately linking pressure adjustments to any change in load temperature, optimal process conditions can be achieved.

Rack design supports efficacy

Rack and shelf design play a key role in process efficacy and product protection. They must allow adequate and uniform flow of sterilizing media while supporting the product to prevent damage or deformation. Getinge supports you with wide variety of shelving systems, and offers test and prototyping services to assist in the design of shelving for your specific process requirements.