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Getinge Clean Management System (CMS)

An automated central dosing system maintains the correct level of detergent for up to 15 units. The system has several ergonomic and time-saving benefits for the staff. 

Getinge Clean Management system (CMS) – an improved process, a unique solution

Getinge CMS is a central dosing system that maintains the correct level of detergent for up to 15 washer-disinfectors, ultrasonic cleaners, or manual cleaning stations within the CSSD.

Instead of frequent manually loading of each washer-disinfector with small containers, your department’s entire detergent requirements can be supplied from a single large container for each detergent type.

Totally independent system from the cleaning process

Ergonomic design and improved user safety

Pre-configured for containers in the Getinge Clean product range

User-friendly interactive HMI color touch panel

Getinge Online for remotely checking system parameters and monitoring via internet

Light tower with 4 indication LEDs for visible and remote alarm and status indication at the department