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illustration of hospital planning

Complete concepts perfectly tailored to your needs

Workflow experience, project competence, budget and deadline adherence are precisely what Getinge stands for. We bundle our knowledge and expertise of services and products to support your project from beginning to end. We commence with consultancy and planning, guide you through modular room design and selection of medical equipment, and see the project through to installation and initial operation.

"Getinge has provided excellent technical implementation of our OR renovation, but also ensured intensive and extremely competent accompaniment during the planning phase. This enabled constructive discussions regarding the creation of our ideal OR.”

Dr. Thomas Iber, Chief Anesthesiologist at Klinikum Mittelbaden Baden-Baden Balg, Germany

Success can be planned

Our expert project managers use long-sighted planning to make use of all resources while leaving plenty of flexibility for growth and changes.

Illustration of hospital corridor

From idea…

Hospital corridor illustration

…to concept…

Nurses moving a operating table in hospital

…to implementation!

Gain an insight into the long sided planning

Gain an insight into the long sided planning

An investment in a future-proof healthcare facility

Healthcare is changing rapidly. Infrastructure must be designed with growth and adaptation in mind. Modular room systems are the key to a cost-effective facility that accommodates change. Later, rooms can be quickly and cost-effectively retrofitted to meet new requirements. The modular wall and ceiling elements of Maquet Variop allow quick access, with easy disassembly and reinstallation without special tools.

The prefabricated, modular components of Maquet Variop are designed to assemble with ease, anticipating the evolution of cutting-edge technologies in the OR, CSSD, and ICU. Construction projects can be completed 40% faster than projects that utilize conventional construction materials. This keeps project timelines on track and on budget, with less downtime, noise, dust, and disruption.

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Modular Room Systems

The modular room systems Maquet Variop, the Glass Wall system and Variward are the core of our project business. They consist of a substructure, the wall and ceiling elements, doors and the optional integration of built-in element.

The wall elements are the basis of a modular system, providing a high-quality, flexible, and hygienic solution. When choosing a wall system, choose a high-quality solution that not only meets your, design, hygiene, and workflow requirements today, but also gives you the flexibility to exchange elements as your needs change in the future.

Maquet Variop

The modular room system Maquet Variop allows hospitals to design every aspect of sensitive areas, such as operating rooms, Hybrid OR and the CSSD, in line with their requirements.

With Maquet Variop, a hospital invests in a future-proof system that creates the best prerequisites for constant adaption to meet the latest technological advances.

Glass Wall System

The modular room system portfolio also includes an attractive glass wall system that meets even the highest hygienic standards. Frameless glass elements are made from thermally toughened single-pane safety glass (SSG), and are resistant to extreme stresses and impacts.

The glass wall system is based on the proven Maquet Variop substructure. All joints are optically and hygienically caulked with sealing tape and exchangeable joint profiles for optimum hygiene.

Maquet Variward

Maquet Variward brings the modular design of Maquet Variop to intensive care facilities and other sensitive areas beyond the OR. It offers streamlined workflows and appealing design to reduce stress levels for staff and patients.

Maquet Variward is made of durable, moisture-resistant wall elements and is available in a variety of colors and styles.

Online Planning Guide

Daily workflow should be well-organized, both in terms of structure and throughput. Getinge partners with your hospital to build long-term plans that efficiently use current resources while leaving plenty of space for future changes. We invite you to have a look on our planning proposals to let yourself be inspired!

Learn more on the Getinge Planning Portal

Combining interior design with maximum functionality

Intensive care units provide days or weeks of high-quality medical treatment and professional care for patients with serious or life-threatening illness. Tension among personnel and visiting family members is high. When planning an ICU, it is important to remember the human element, balancing the function of lifesaving medical devices with room designs that incorporate calming colors, glass and light.

A smooth installation is not an exception

When remodeling or retrofitting your healthcare facility, it's critical to prevent disruption of ongoing procedures or care. That’s why Getinge developed modular room systems that install quickly and quietly.

Careful preparation and a team of specialists ensure that wall and ceiling elements are supplied true to size for quick and accurate assembly. This allows you to concentrate on your daily duties while we handle the perfect installation.