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Continuous ways to improve and innovate

Peta Ryan, Principal Analytical Development Chemist at Getinge, shares insights into her dynamic role at the Getinge’s Center for Excellence Advanced Materials Science Laboratory in Merrimack, U.S., where innovation and safety go hand in hand.

Peta Ryan has been in the field of medtech for 37 years, starting her journey in pharmaceuticals before transitioning to her current role at Getinge in 2013. Now a cornerstone of Getinge’s Center for Excellence Advanced Materials Science Laboratory in Merrimack, U.S., Peta has spent the last two years in the lab's lively environment, driving forward a range of projects and providing essential support to the engineering team.

“Our lab is a hub of constant activity,” Peta explains. “We’re always exploring new issues and conducting material assessments. The variety keeps me on my toes and constantly learning.”

The lab's primary focus is on in-house testing, a move that significantly reduces costs and streamlines processes.

“Instead of sending materials from our products to external labs, we can test them right here using our own resources,” Peta says. “It’s more efficient and allows us to have greater control over the results.”

With ten projects currently underway, the lab is always buzzing with new challenges and opportunities. Peta highlights a recent addition to the team – a colleague who transitioned from the production floor to the lab.

“It’s a fantastic development opportunity,” she notes. “They get to see the other side of the products they’ve been working on.”

The wide and global reach of Getinge’s portfolio means Peta and her team are continually looking for ways to improve and innovate.

“I love the variety of this job,” she shares. “Every day brings something new, and it’s fascinating to work with such groundbreaking products that help saving lives. It’s incredibly fulfilling to know I play a small part in that.”

Peta’s passion extends beyond her work; she is dedicated to mentoring the next generation of scientists.

“I love training new people, like my colleague from the factory,” she says with a smile. “Being a mentor and helping people pursue their dreams is so rewarding. We’re encouraging new scientists who will continue this important work.”

The lab’s thorough approach involves using advanced tools, such as microscopes, to examine particles and fibers.

“If there are no findings, there are no actions,” Peta explains. “But if we do find something to improve, we make recommendations on how to do it. It’s all about ensuring our products remain safe and effective.”

In every aspect of her role, Peta exemplifies dedication and innovation, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in medtech and making a significant impact on the industry.

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