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Smart Distribution Trolley Open

Getinge Smart Distribution Trolleys Open (DTO) are designed for the effective, ergonomic transport of baskets and/or containers.

Getinge Smart Distribution Trolleys Open are available in single or double versions of each model
A line of carefully designed trolleys that takes distribution of instruments to a completely new level
This trolley is a mobile storage unit for modular baskets and containers

Used in packing areas in sterile zones, and for transport to and from soiled zones throughout the hospital

This Getinge SMART Distribution Trolley Open (DTO) is a mobile storage unit for modular baskets and containers. The open design makes viewing and picking of individual packs very easy. Trolleys can be loaded and unloaded from both sides. Shelves and baskets can be pulled out halfway for easier access. Shelves and baskets are easily secured for safe transport.

* Not available for sales in the USA.

Type of load

Description & Article No

Max. loading wight (kg)

Dimensions (mm) WxLxH

Baskets DTO single SPRI, 10 low or 5 high
85 736×429×1577
  DTO double SPRI, 20 low or 10 high
170 1416×429×1577
Mixed DTO single, 2 SPRI high/3 shelves
85 736×429×1577
  DTO double, 4 SPRI high/6 shelves
170 1416×429×1577
Individually configured DTO single base without guides
85 736×429×1577
  DTO double base without guides
170 1416×429×1577
  Pair of guides SPRI
18 30×425×50
  Pair of guides ISO
18 30×425×50
  Pair of guides and shelf
18 30×425×50
Options External transport lock
- -
  Rack for disposable covers 560181301 - -
  Disposable transparent covers, 50 pcs/roll
- -
  Reusable cover for DTO single
- -
  Reusable cover for DTO double
- -

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