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Applikon bioprocess analytics

Applikon Bioprocess analytics
Process analytics
Process analytics

Applikon bioprocess analytics

In the bioprocess market it is vital to have precise information about the DO, pH value and RedOx potential of the process. Those measurements through various sensors are key to optimize your process and to maximize product yield.


Proper control of a bioprocess requires reliable monitoring of many process parameters. From basic physiochemical properties such as pH or dissolved oxygen to determination of biomass density or metabolite concentrations, we offer several analytical technologies for making sophisticated measurements of your bioprocess.

The AppliSens DO2-sensor provides knowledge of the DO2 concentration, which is important as a microorganism or cell responds to the oxygen concentration in regulating its overall metabolism. The AppliSens pH+ sensor measures the pH level, which directly affects viability, productivity, and stability of the cells and influences the analysis of active ingredients. The RedOx potential (Reduction / Oxidation) of a bioreactor culture can be measured using a RedOx sensor. All these measurements provides indispensable data in order to maximize product yield.