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Advanta V12

Atrium ADVANTA V12 Balloon Expandable Covered Stent

Advanta V12

Balloon expandable covered stent

Trusted. Reliable. Proven.

Now Available in Large Diameter

Increasing your treatment options with 12 mm diameter balloon expandable covered stents.

Learn more about Advanta V12 balloon expandable covered stent in larger size


Conformable, deliverable, flexible

Designed to track through tortuous arteries and flex to accommodate the iliac and renal anatomy

Low Profile

6Fr & 7Fr compatibility offers versatility and efficient delivery in complex endovascular procedures 
9Fr compatibility for large diameter stents offers more options for percutaneous interventions

Ability to post-dilate

Allows a customized solution to various anatomy*

*Post dilation should always be performed following the guidelines within the Advanta V12 covered stent IFU.

Cobest study patency graph

COBEST - Randomized Multicenter Study Advanta V12 vs Bare Metal Stents

5-Year Data
  • Two-fold lower incidence of re-intervention (p=.02)
  • Significantly higher patency rates at 5 years (74.7% vs. 62.9%; p=.01)[1]
  • Significantly higher patency in subgroup analysis of TASC C/D lesions (p=.003) [1]


Alla referenser

  1. Mwipatayi BP, Sharma S, Daneshmand A, et al. Durability of the balloon-expandable covered versus bare-metal stents in the Covered versus Balloon Expandable Stent Trial (COBEST) for the treatment of aortoiliac occlusive disease. J Vasc Surg. 2016. Jul;64(1):83-94.

  2. Laird JR, Loja M, Zeller T, et al. iCAST Balloon-Expandable Covered Stent for Iliac Artery Lesions: 3-Year Results from the iCARUS Multicenter Study. J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2019 Jun;30(6)