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Quadrox-i Oxygenators

A comprehensive oxygenator portfolio of hollow fiber membrane oxygenators covering all different patient sizes, from neonates, children, small adults and adult patients.

Getinge Quadrox-i oxygenators, various sizes and designs for adult or small adult patients
Getinge Quadrox-i oxygenators, various sizes and designs for neonatal or pediatric patients
The VKMO combines Quadrox-i adult or small adult oxygenator with the VHK 70000 / 71000 reservoir to a solid combination.

The Quadrox-i family allows easy customization

Quadrox-i oxygenators are available as stand-alone products, in modular and custom tubing sets, or as a combination with the venous hard-shell reservoir. 

  • Equipped with a microporous membrane
  • Sizes from neonatal to pediatric to small adult and adult patients
  • With or without integrated arterial filter
  • With SOFTLINE Coating or BIOLINE Coating

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Extremely low pressure drop, also with integrated filter

Low priming volume

Low foreign surface area

Good O₂ and CO₂ transfer

Efficient heat exchanger

Optimized surface refinement with Softline Coating

Optional available with Bioline Coating

Isoflurane and Sevoflurane compatibility

Quadrox-i  - 4 variants to cover all patient sizes

Quadrox-i adult


Quadrox-i small adult

Small Adult

Quadrox-i pediatric


Quadrox-i product for neonatal


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