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Safe and easy low-flow anesthesia

Automatic Gas Control (AGC) makes low-flow anesthesia delivery safe. With simple pre-settings, specifying the targeted inspired oxygen, end-tidal anesthetic agent levels and required speed, AGC solves the rest. Our innovation offers high precision combined with improved comfort and increased safety.[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

A unique innovation available for all our Flow Family anesthesia machines.

Automatic Gas Control with Flow-i

FIO2 Target Control

Speed selection

Prediction tool

No manual adjustments

Reduce your hospital's environmental footprint


58% reduction with Automatic Gas Control

A sustainable and economic approach without compromising patient safety.

Our unique Getinge anesthesia innovation Automatic Gas Control (AGC) in Flow-i anesthesia machine, lowers sevoflurane wastage by up to 58%. [6]

Customer voices on AGC for low-flow anesthesia

Professor Sanuki pointing with finger

"AGC was an absolutely amazing experience, with no comparison to it."

Professor Sanuki, Hiroshima University Hospital Japan, shares his impressions.

Sahlgrenska universitet

“AGC buys us time to care for the patient, as well as time to document the patient recordings.”

Staff share their impressions after AGC was installed on 60 of their Flow-i anesthesia machines.

Our unique Anesthesia technology makes the difference

With our flow anesthesia technology you can easily ensure the perfect flow for each patient, finetuning anaesthesia delivery in real time, breath by breath.

MAC Brain Anesthesia Flow

MAC Brain

Lung recruitment Flow Anesthesia

Lung recruitment

Ventilation Anesthesia Flow

Ventilation performance

Yasal Uyarı

Ürünler, Flow Ailesi anestezi sistemlerinin mevcudiyeti ve SW versiyonu ülkenizde pazarlanmak üzere düzenleyici onayları bekliyor olabilir. Daha fazla bilgi için Getinge temsilcinizle görüşün. Hekim tarafından belirtilen iddialar kesinlikle hekime aittir ve Getinge'nin görüşlerini yansıtmayabilir.
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