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Informed anesthetic agent dosing

To facilitate decision-making when planning and dosing anasthesia agents, we created MAC Brain. Using mathematical models and data-driven algorithms, MAC Brain visualizes the difference in agent concentration between the lung and the brain - providing the clinician with valuable information that supports informed dosing decisions.[1] 

How MAC Brain works

The image shows the interface of Flow Family anesthesia machines.
The end-tidal MAC and MAC Brain are found in the lower left corner of the screen (marked with a green frame). The interface snapshot was taken during induction, when the difference between the two values is often the highest.

MAC Brain is visualized on screen using an algorithm based on basic research and pharmacokinetic models. The option is included in the software and is easily brought forward and removed from the menu when needed.

MAC Brain Flow Family anesthesia

Our unique Anesthesia technology makes the difference

With our flow anesthesia technology you can easily ensure a personalized flow for each patient, finetuning anaesthesia delivery in real time, breath by breath.

AGC Anesthesia Flow

Automatic Gas Control

O2Guard Anesthesia Flow


Lung recruitment Flow Anesthesia

Lung recruitment

Ventilation Anesthesia Flow

Ventilation performance

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Ürünler, Flow Ailesi anestezi sistemlerinin mevcudiyeti ve SW versiyonu ülkenizde pazarlanmak üzere düzenleyici onayları bekliyor olabilir. Daha fazla bilgi için Getinge temsilcinizle görüşün. Hekim tarafından belirtilen iddialar kesinlikle hekime aittir ve Getinge'nin görüşlerini yansıtmayabilir.
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