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Extraordinary General Meeting August 2017

At the Extraordinary General Meeting of Getinge AB held on August 15, 2017, the following was resolved.

Amendment of the Articles of Association

The Meeting resolved in accordance with the Board’s proposal regarding amendment of the
Articles of Association by including a conversion provision entailing that a shareholder of share of
Series A may on request convert such share to a share of Series B. The request of conversion
shall be addressed to the Board and the company shall without delay notify the conversion to the
Swedish Companies Registration Office for registration.

Authorization to resolve on issue of new shares

The Meeting resolved in accordance with the Board’s proposal to authorize the Board of Directors
to resolve on the issue of new shares with preferential right for the company’s shareholders during
the period up to the company’s Annual General Meeting 2018. The total number of shares that may
be issued by virtue of the authorization shall amount to the number of shares corresponding to
issue proceeds of approximately SEK 4 billion, and shall be within the limits of the share capital.