Sterile Reprocessing
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Post operation and pre-cleaning

Unclean items from the OR, wards, outpatient and other departments arrive at the reception area. After visual inspection, items can be put straight on racks and loaded into the washer-disinfectors. Instruments can also be manually cleaned by soaking, spray-gun rinsing and/or ultrasonic cleaning, before being loaded into the washer-disinfector. 

Cleaning and disinfection to inspection and packing

The clean and disinfected goods enter the area for sorting, inspection and packing. They can be unloaded manually or by an automated system. Once sorted, inspected and packaged, the goods are ready for sterile processing.

Sterile instruments ready to be used again

Once sterile, the goods can either be stored in a dedicated storage area, where they are kept until they are needed again, or transported directly to the next surgery waiting for them to arrive in time.

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