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After visual inspection, unclean items are either put straight on racks and loaded into the washer-disinfectors or manually cleaned. Manual cleaning methods include soaking, or spray-gun rinse and/or ultrasonic cleaning before being loaded into the washer-disinfector.

Getinge Cleaning Chemistries

Getinge Clean detergents

Getinge Clean offers a complete, comprehensive range of instrument cleaning detergents and maintenance products to meet all your department needs, providing efficient and economical throughput along with maximum performance.

GETclean tank sizes


GETClean DMS is a remote chemical delivery system for bulk chemistry. It can supply chemistries to any washer disinfector, instrument washer, ultrasonic washer, cart washer, and sink.

Getinge Smart trolleys - different people, different positions

Getinge Smart distribution trolleys are designed for the effective, ergonomic transport of baskets and/or containers. They are used in packing areas in sterile zones, and for transport to and from soiled zones throughout the hospital.

Getinge service car and technician in parking garage

Getinge Services - Caring for those who care

Getinge offers services and expertise to improve workflows, equipment uptime, staff and patient satisfaction.

Digital Health Solutions

Getinge’s software solutions offer you tools for greater consistency and efficiency, enabling hospital staff to focus on delivering the best patient care. Our solutions can be configured to fit a health care provider’s specific demands, ultimately improving the experience for patients and staff.