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Remote chemical delivery system

The GETClean DMS is a remote chemical delivery system for bulk chemistry. It can supply chemistries to any washer disinfector, instrument washer, ultrasonic washer, cart washer, and sink.

GETclean DMS
GETclean pump sizes
GETclean tank sizes

Modular design to adapt to your needs

GETClean DMS utilizes industry-recognized peristaltic pumps and controller with a patent pending auto-filling reservoir designed to reduce the manual handling and transport of harsh chemical concentrates. The modular design of the system allows it to readily adapt to your chemical distribution requirements.

  • Individual bulk chemical tank can supply multiple pieces of equipment.
  • Remote chemical delivery up to 250 ft.
  • Closed-loop chemical delivery.
GETclean Plug and Play

Plug-n-play installation

  • No modifications are required, as GETClean DMS uses the existing equipment pumps and controls for chemical dosing
  • No wiring of interface or additional validation is required
  • Tools aren’t needed, as communication connections are twist-lock
  • Works right out of the box without additional programming (as it’s factory set)
  • Automated and self-priming
GETclean pump sizes

Available in one and three-pump systems

  • Peristaltic pump flow rate: 36 oz./min. (1 liter)
  • Modular pumps and control unit
  • Proven peristaltic pump technology
  • Plenum-rated fire-retardant tubing material
  • Long-life pump tubes for instrument cleaning chemistries
GETclean tank sizes

Discover all that one bulk chemical tank can do

  • Feeds up to six reservoirs, each with a peristaltic pump
  • Supplies chemistries to washer disinfectors, instrument washers, ultrasonic washers, cart washers, and sinks from up to 250 feet away (max. 25 psi)
    • From individual supply containers
    • From bulk tanks with supply headers

Chemical reservoirs

  • Single Washer Reservoir with SIB (WxDxH): 6 x 7 x 11 in. (15 x 18 x 28 cm).
  • Multi Washer Reservoir with SIB (WxDxH): 12 x 7 x 11 in. (30 x 18 x 28 cm).

Example: Diagram for Single Washer

GETClean Example Diagram