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Ultra Clean Systems 1150 freestanding model

The 1150 adapts to your SPD’s processing needs.

Our freestanding ultrasonic cleaners are engineered to deliver a thorough cleaning in a short time. Our industry-exclusive titanium rod transducer (TRT) technology delivers uniform energy through the entire basin, promoting complete cleaning of the instruments.

Ultra Clean Systems Floor model 1150
Ultra Clean Systems Floor model 1150

Powerful cleaning

With this freestanding ultrasonic cleaner, cleaning can be achieved at the push of a button. Automated features like enzymatic cleaner dispensing and wash cycles combine with adjustable features like irrigation flow control to increase both productivity and flexibility. A 30" pull-down spray faucet makes rinsing lumen instruments efficient.


Compact and versatile

This single-basin ultrasonic cleaner can process lumen, nonlumen, da Vinci robotic and deep orthopedic trays.

Industry-leading technology

A titanium rod transducer resides in the basin rather than outside and provides a more uniform energy distribution. Combined with its high cavitation energy output (81 watts per gallon with a frequency of 40 kHz), it provides a more thorough, faster cleaning cycle.


Ease of use

The user-friendly 5.7” touchscreen and simple software design make it easy to operate. Cycles and timers are easy to adjust.

Added safety

Upon completion of the lumen cycle, a 30” pull-down spray faucet allows for easy rinsing of the instruments' exteriors to remove any remaining bioburden.

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Adjustable cycle times allows you to adhere to the instrument manufacturer’s IFUs, promoting fast and efficaous processing.


Industry-exclusive TRT technology provides powerful cavitation, allowing operators to clean more instruments in less time than bonded transducers.


Fully automatic wash, flush, internal and external rinse, and air purge


Basin can accommodate large instrument sets while the overall unit size fits well within space constrained SPDs.


Easy-to-use 5.7” touchscreen with programmable timer


Adjustable irrigation allows you to control water flow for multiple instrument types.


Works with the optional UCS-Verify data logging system


Tap, reverse osmosis, and deionized water compatible


  • Adjustable cycles, 8-13 minutes, and 15 minutes da Vinci cycle based on the manufacturer’s IFUs
  • This single-basin ultrasonic cleaner can process lumen, nonlumen, da Vinci robotic and deep orthopedic trays.
  • 24 dedicated irrigation ports
  • Capacity for 8 da Vinci S or Si robotic instruments per cycle
  • 30” pull-down sprayer faucet for external rinsing of instruments
  • 25-lb instrument weight capacity
  • 12.3-gallon basin capacity
  • 208-volt wall receptacle
  • 30″W x 27-3/8″D x 44-1/8″H (lid open)

Automatic Single-Basin Ultrasonic Cleaning System

With this freestanding ultrasonic cleaning system, cleaning can be achieved at the push of a button. The 1150 is Ultra Clean’s single-basin floor model, designed to clean up to 24 lumen instruments. Its titanium rod transducer (TRT) technology delivers cleaning power in a compact design that is ideally suited for most central sterile processing departments.

The Model 1150 accommodates two lumen/standard instrument trays or one robotics instrument tray. It can clean lumen and nonlumen instruments simultaneously. Regular hospital trays may also be used.