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Ultra Clean Systems 1100 tabletop model

Getinge's budget-friendly, compact tabletop ultrasonic

This competitively priced tabletop ultrasonic cleaner is designed to fit in smaller spaces while still providing a powerful clean. Piezoelectric transducers are bonded to the underside of the basin and spaced to deliver uniform energy throughout. Pair it with an optional cart to keep necessary supplies close at hand.

Ultra Clean Systems Tabletop model 1100
Ultra Clean Systems Tabletop model 1100

Powerful ultrasonic cleaning

With this tabletop ultrasonic cleaner, cleaning can be achieved at the push of a button. Automated features combine with adjustable cycle times to increase both productivity and flexibility.


Compact footprint

This ultrasonic cleaner’s bifold lid allows it to fit easily beneath cabinets on a countertop or on our storage cart.


This model can process both lumen and nonlumen instruments in the same cycle up to its 12.5-lb. total instrument weight capacity.

Ease of use

The user-friendly touchscreen and easy-to-navigate menus make it a simple to operate. Cycles and timers are easy to adjust.


The automatic fill, wash, and drain mean less handling of the instruments by the operator and fewer opportunities for operator contact with contaminated solutions.

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Adjustable 10-minute ultrasonic cleaning cycle.


Equipped with 8 piezoelectric (bonded) transducers.


Adjustable irrigation allows you to control water flow for multiple instrument types.


Easy-to-use graphical touchscreen display with programmable timer.


Fits conveniently on a countertop or on our optional cart with large storage area and two shelves for supplies.


Automatic fill, wash, and drain; automatic degas.


Tap, reverse osmosis, and deionized water compatible.


Standard lumen tray has 12 dedicated irrigation ports for lumen instrument cleaning; holds a number of nonlumen instruments at the same time; also accepts hospital trays.


  • Adjustable 10-minute ultrasonic cleaning cycle
  • 12 dedicated irrigation ports
  • Bonded transducers
  • 12.5-lb instrument weight capacity
  • 5.75-gallon basin capacity
  • 120-volt wall receptacle
  • 32-1/2″W x 18-3/4″D x 17-9/16″H (lid open)

Automatic Tabletop Surgical Instrument Cleaning System

The Model 1100 is Getinge’s easiest and most versatile tabletop system. Competitively priced, this ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner can process 12 lumen instruments, combined with many nonlumen instruments, in a 10-minute cleaning cycle. The Modal 1100 dual-purpose machine, it works with or without irrigation and can accommodate standard hospital trays.

This efficient system fits perfectly in any sterile processing department workflow. The 1100’s compact, bi-fold lid design allows this countertop model to sit beneath overhead cabinets or on our optional cart.

Note: It is recommended that facilities with low limits on current leakage use the Torus 1100 toroid isolation transformer to reduce leakage current to below 100 µA (0.1 mA).