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Clinical Study Research

Getinge is committed to continue supporting the advancement of clinical study research that relate to disease states, conditions, and treatments relevant to the company’s mission. We recognize the important role that clinical study research plays in our mission, both in benefits to patient care and the advancement of medical technology, treatment, and knowledge.

We aim to provide responsible support. Due to finite resources and regulatory requirements, not every proposal will receive support.

Getinge research

Who is eligible to apply?

Clinical study research grants are awarded to the requestor’s institution that aims to conduct the approved clinical research. The research will be considered investigator-initiated.

Types of support and funding
Support may come as monetary support or the supply of equipment or material. Technical support may also be provided. If the research study grant is awarded, a contract will stipulate the terms and support granted.

What should I expect?
  • The application must be completed with all requested information in order to be considered. An incomplete application will be delayed and may be denied if  the relevant information is incomplete.
  • Decisions for funding are at the sole discretion of Getinge and decisions are final. Each application will be sent to the relevant business area for alignment with budget considerations before being forwarded to Getinge Clinical Research Committee for final review.
  • Applicants will be informed of the approval status once the decision has been made.
  • The representative contacting you may not be privy to the decision factors influencing the final budget decision. However, if support is denied for Compliance purposes, the applicant may be contacted to determine if the compliance issue can be resolved to align with Getinge’s criteria for support prior to the final decision being rendered.
  • If a clinical study research grant is awarded, the requesting institution will be required to enter into a written agreement provided by Getinge in order for funds to be released by an authorized signer of the applicant. The applicant should be willing to assume all Sponsor obligations as laid out in applicable clinical research regulations and standards.
What if I submitted a clinical study research request outside of this process?

Getinge will work through any applications submitted under the prior process and be in contact with you about the status of the study grant requested. If your request has not been submitted under the prior or this process, and you have not heard since your submission, please re-submit by completing the below form. As appropriate, the Clinical Research Committee may request additional information in order for the research grant to comply with our new procedures.

For your convenience, please see below for required documents to be uploaded when filling out the form.
  • Signed and dated Principal Investigator’s CV
  • Detailed Activity Budget (if monetary support is being requested)
  • Protocol synopsis and if available, protocol draft
If requesting monetary support, a detailed budget is required for consideration. Items should include:
  • Direct study costs: start-up costs, participant-related costs, study personnel-related costs, diagnostic fees, lab evaluations and services that are required as part of the study not considered standard of care, data management and statistical expenses. This should include any overhead.
  • Indirect study costs: Review fees for ethics/institutional review boards, supply/equipment costs required for the study, publication costs.
  • Note: compensation is not permitted for fringe benefits of study staff, purchase of capital equipment unrelated to the study or that would generate revenue, general educational or training activities, construction funds for new offices, buildings or funds to establish or expand existing clinical research activities.

Processing of your personal data

Some of the services offered on our website require the processing of your personal data. Getinge process personal data collected on our website for the purpose to evaluate the proposal for a clinical study and the relevant experience of the investigator-sponsor. If your clinical study receives Getinge support, your personal data will also be used for contracting and follow-up of study conduct. To accomplish this, we collect your name and your professional contact details including email, phone number, affiliation/institution name and address, and additional information as provided in your CV.

As a rule, we do not keep your personal information for longer than necessary for the purposes for which we collected it. Any personal information will be retained for the duration of the proposal processing and study conduct, if relevant. Once the data retention period.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

Your application for clinical study research

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