Getinge Support for Genuine Educational Programs in North America

Getinge is committed to continue supporting the advancement of genuine medical education in programs that relate to disease states, conditions, and treatments relevant to the company’s mission.  We recognize the important role that educational grants play in our mission, both in benefits to patient care and the advancement of medical technology, treatment, and knowledge.

On an annual basis, we receive hundreds of requests and we aim to provide responsible support. Due to finite resources, not every quality program will receive support.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Grants are awarded to the requesting organization or accrediting provider.  Individuals, authors, faculty members, or private practices are not eligible for funding.  Examples include:

  • Academic Medical Center
  • Academic Teaching Institution
  • Accredited Organization
  • Civic Organization
  • Government Agency
  • Medical Education Company
  • Medical Society/Association
  • National/Regional Association
  • Patient Advocacy Organization
  • Professional Association

Activity Types Educational Grant Consideration and Criteria

Each request will be individually evaluated for compliance with educational grant criteria, available budget, and alignment with the company’s therapeutic focus areas.

Requests will only be considered for third party educational programs that are independent, educational, scientific, and policymaking conferences/programs/symposiums/events that promote scientific knowledge, medical advancement and the delivery of health care.

Grant funding follows policies governed by the FDA’s Guidance on Industry-Supported Scientific and Educational Activities, the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support, the AMA Guidelines on Gifts to Physicians, and the AdvaMed Code of Ethic on Interactions with Health Care Professionals.

Tuition/Travel Expenses 
  • Costs associated with the attendance of a participant in the educational program/conference/event only for the duration of the program.
  • May only be provided for Health Care Professionals in Training or program faculty.
  • May not be for academic tuition such as an educational degree or certification.
  • Getinge may not have any influence over the selection of the recipient.
  • Grants can only be provided for expenses that align with Getinge limits for modest meals, travel, and lodging, as appropriate.
Conference Costs
  • Costs associated with the performance of the program, conference, or event.
  • May only be to reduce the costs of overall attendance for all participants.
  • May support faculty or honorarium fees that align with Getinge Fair Market Value considerations.
  • The venue must be conducive to the effective exchange of scientific information.  Location, ease of access to transportation, proximity to a recognized scientific or business center, and/or any conflicts with tourist seasons will be taken into consideration in the approval process.
  • Programs that include recreational, social, sporting and/or leisure activities or other forms of Entertainment are expressly prohibited from consideration for support.  Any entertainment must be outside of the educational program schedule and paid for separately by the attendees.
  • Support cannot be for guests of a health care professional such as spouse, child, administrator, etc.

Lead Time to Submit an Educational Grant

Applications must be submitted at least 6 weeks in advance of the event date.  Getinge will only consider requests for future events.  Retroactive submissions will not be considered.

Charitable Contributions and Donations

The company is not currently accepting requests directly for Charitable Contributions and Donations through the educational grants process.

Restricted Purpose

All recipients awarded a grant will be required to sign an agreement that limits the use of funds to the specified purpose.  Any funds not used for the specified purpose must be returned to Getinge upon completion of the program.

What Should I Expect?
  • The application request must be completed with all requested information in order to be considered.  An incomplete application will be delayed and may be denied if it does not contain all of the relevant information requested.
  • Decisions for funding are at the sole discretion of Getinge and decisions are final.  Each application will be sent to the relevant business area for alignment with budget considerations before being forwarded to an independent Grants Committee for final approval.
  • Applicants will be informed of the approval status once the decision has been made available to the Grants Administrator.  Final decisions may also from time to time come directly from the business unit that considered the educational grant support under its budgetary process.
  • The Grants Administrator may not be privy to the decision factors influencing the final budget decision.  However, if support is denied for Compliance purposes, the applicant may be contacted to see if the compliance issue can be resolved to align with Getinge’s criteria for support prior to the final decision being rendered.
  • If a grant is awarded, the requesting institution will be required to enter into a written agreement provided by Getinge in order for funds to be released by an authorized signer of the requesting organization.  The payment will not be initiated until the signed agreement is returned to the Grants Administrator.


Educational Programs Occurring Outside of North America

Each Getinge location around the world has a different process for consideration.  Please contact your local representative for guidance on how to request funds outside of North America.


What if I have Questions?

You may email the Grant Administrator at


What if I submitted a grant under the old Maquet Grant process?

Getinge will work through the applications under the prior process and be in contact with you about the status of the grant requested.  As appropriate, the Grants Administrator may request additional information in order for the grant to comply with our new procedures.