GEE Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers

worker and sterilizing machine for medical devices
illustration getinge ethylene oxide sterilizer
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GEE Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers

Solid stainless steel rectangular chambers


For over 30 years Getinge has supplied Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilizers Systems worldwide, supporting customers globally through our extensive sales and service support network.

The GEE Series Sterilizers offer true low temperature sterilization. Whether you prefer traditional methods or the innovative and time saving combination processes within the sterilizer, Getinge will help you find the best system for your production needs.

Thanks to broad compatibility with the materials used in manufacturing medical devices, ethylene oxide (EO) gas is often the sterilant of choice for heat and humidity sensitive applications, including modern plastics and drug coated medical devices. Additionally, EO can penetrate wrapped and packaged goods making it the ideal technology for terminal sterilization.

Getinge will streamline your sterilization process with our unique Automatic Pallet Transfer System. This pneumatically operated system, accurately positions pallets within the chamber to maximize throughput and efficacy and with no moving parts, it is the safest solution available.

Sliding doors for easy loading and unloading

Unique RAT loading system with no moving parts in the chamber

Variety of process control and SCADA systems

ATEX-compliant design (ATEX certification on request)

Integration with emission control systems

Integration with logistics and warehouse management systems


Getinge GEE Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers provide low temperature sterilization which is required for heat and humid sensitive products.