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Heart-Lung Machine HL 20

Heart-lunch machine product photo
Hospital environment heart-lung machine
Heart-lung machine in hospital environment

Heart-Lung Machine HL 20

A complex high-tech concept reduced to the essentials for the benefit of both patient and perfusionist


The Maquet HL 20 perfusion system is reliable, flexible and adaptable. It combines the complex technology needed for cardiopulmonary surgery with clear and concise handling necessary for safe and effective patient management. 

The peristaltic roller pumps run quietly and smoothly on low-voltage power supplied by the console. All controls and monitors are managed from a single panel for the ultimate in user-friendly operation.

Simple Operation

  • A flat screen display provides graphical and functional status information at a glance; all supervisory and warning functions are on one panel.
  • One knob adjusts all settings except the pump speed.
  • The pump function is dedicated by name, not by location, and the assigned function of the pump is displayed on its front panel.
  • Built-in remote control for the Heater-Cooler Unit HCU 30.
  • Patient temperature can be monitored and controlled without diverting the operator's attention.

Safe and Reliable

  • In a power failure, a fully automatic battery backup system will be engaged and run the entire system for the time sufficient to finish most surgical procedures.
  • All pumps and modules operate on 24 Volt power for increased patient and operator safety.
  • All electrical connections are inside HL 20; there are no protruding or interfering cables to be broken, tangled or inadvertently unplugged.
  • The system performs an extensive self-test at power-up, then continuously monitors all vital functions during operation.
  • All alarms and errors are indicated both acoustically and visually; a single button is used to silence all alarms.

Wide Range of Configurations

  • The HL 20 console is constructed of stainless steel and easily maneuvered by means of a side guard and four stable castors.
  • Controls and monitors are run from a single panel, which can be mounted on the left, right or center of the pump console.
  • Pump functions can be renamed or relocated instantly without cable disconnection.
  • Available in left- or right-oriented console.

Comprehensive Safe Control

  • Accurately measure of up to four pressures and up to four temperatures.
  • Two safety protection systems prevent air entering the extracorporeal circulation:
    • Capacitive level sensor
    • Ultrasonic micro bubble air detector
    • With the Cardioplegia Monitor Unit, essential data is easily displayed for full control of cardioplegia delivery, including: volumes; ratio; timers; temperature; and pressure.

Compact Roller Pump Modules

  • Pumps run quietly and smoothly on safe, low-voltage power supplied by the console.
  • The pumps are easily removed from and reinstalled onto the console simply by lifting or placing the module onto the guided position.

Unique Flow and Bubble Measurement

  • The ROTAFLOW Centrifugal Pump System, a natural part of HL 20, can also be used as a fully independent stand-alone unit.