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GEW 888 neo

Maximum cleaning capacity, minimum footprint

Designed to optimize space and performance in the cleanroom, the GEW 888 neo washer/dryer is an efficient cGMP washer that benefits both your cleanroom and your environmental footprint – all without sacrificing washing capacity.


cGMP washer GEW 888 neo-front view
cGMP washer GEW 888 neo-top view
cGMP washer GEW 888 neo-side view

Increased washing capacity in less space

  • A smaller footprint for optimal use of cleanroom space
  • High throughput with reliable, repeatable cleaning results
  • Sustainable performance by reduced utility consumption
  • Long lifetime of use and minimal downtime
  • Configurable with SIEMENS or Allen Bradley PLC systems
  • Innovative, ergonomic design that ensures safe and easy handling
  • Available walk-in-trolley for ergonomic loading and unloading of loading equipment

Preventing (cross-)contamination is of utmost importance within biopharmaceutical production. The GEW 888 neo is there to ensure that parts and components used for drug production and QA/QC laboratory environments are being cleaned according to GMP regulations and validated processes.

Efficient cleaning for Biopharmaceutical Production

Efficient cleaning for Biopharmaceutical Production

1. High quality components

Compatible with all industry standards, minimizing downtime and comply with cGMP guidelines

2. Vertical sliding single or double door

Designed with an automatic vertical sliding door in durable double paned glass meets the installation needs as it doesn't require additional height above the washer. The washer can be configured with a single or double door for operations requiring pass-through functionality.

3. Intuitive operator interface

The GEW 888 neo embraces user-centric design since the positioning of the intuitive touchscreen control interface enhances operator handling ensuring safe and efficient operation within the cleanroom environment

4. Single Pass Rinse system

Our patented Single Pass Rinse system can be used in the pre-rinse and/or final rinse, and can be repeated multiple times dependent on the process requirements. The SPR system is integrated in the footprint of the GEW 888 neo.

5. Superior water circulation system

The well balanced water circulation system ensures optimal pressure and flow, with low water consumption enabling low operational cost

6. Drying system

The highly effective and sustainable drying system includes an HEPA filter and DOP test ports to ensure filter integrity

7. Drain cooling feature

The drain cooling system is integrated within the washer skid, no additional foot-print needed

8. Service door

Main service is made from the front through accessing the service door. In this area the chemical canisters used for the process is safely stored.

Maximize usage of available cleanroom space

The GEW 888 neo’s compact design features an automatic vertical sliding door that does not require additional height above the washer, making it ideal for tight spaces. The walk-in-trolley allows for ergonomic loading/unloading of the wash rack. All packed into a surprisingly small footprint, the GEW 888 neo is the ultimate solution for increasing washing capacity in less space.

Save energy and operating costs

The GEW 888 neo’s reduced utility consumption ensures low operating costs and helps you meet your sustainability targets. As a state-of-the-art solution for single-pass final rinse with the option for multiple rinses and pre-rinse cycles, the GEW 888 neo uses minimal water per flush, so you can run the phase multiple times.

Put safety and simplicity at your fingertips

The GEW 888 neo is designed, manufactured, validated, and documented according to the latest Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). It comes with improved security and software capabilities to meet the latest and future demands in the industry.


Exterior dimension (WxHxD)

1450 x 2275 x 895 mm / 57,1” x 89,6” x 35,2”


1,3 m² / 14,0 sq.ft.

Chamber volume

482 L / 17,7 cu.ft

Door configuration Single or double door configuration
Door system Vertical automated sliding door

~ 700 kg* / 1543 lbs*


* Dependent on configuration
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