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Maquet Ezea Surgical Light

Simplicity redefined


Close up of Maquet Ezea surgical light
Close up of Intuitive design and icons Maquet Ezea surgical light that makes it simple to use
Maquet Ezea is an effortless manoeuvering surgical light

User-friendly simplicity & robust reliability surgical light

Hospitals face many challenges, including the strain of operating with reduced
staff due to high turnover rates, an influx of patients, increasingly complex
medical procedures, and the relentless economic pressures that threaten the
quality of healthcare services.

It is imperative to find solutions that address these multifaceted issues and
ensure the continued effectiveness and sustainability of healthcare delivery.
At Getinge, we empathize with the challenges you face, which has driven us
to develop the Maquet Ezea surgical light.

Maquet Ezea operating light offers user-friendly simplicity and robust reliability
for a wide range of surgical applications or ambulatory surgery
centers. It is designed to continuously align with evolving
standards for risk management.

Explore Maquet Ezea surgical light

Explore Maquet Ezea surgical light

1. Easy handling
2. Save time with fixed settings
3. Manage risks with Careview

Minimize risks of burns or tissue desiccation with Careview

4. Minimize downtime

The LEDs boast an impressive lifetime of up to 60,000 hours.

5. Effortless maneuvering

Smooth and stable suspension


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Simple to use surgical light

Maquet Ezea surgical light has a lightweight cupola of 7 kg

Easy handling & effortless maneuvering

  • Two external handles
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight cupola of 7 kg
  • Smooth and stable suspension
Intuitive design and icons makes it simple to use Maquet Ezea surgical light

Fast learning curve and setup:

• Intuitive design and icons 
• Easy access to lighting controls
• Synchronize the dimming of the 2 cupolas from the wall keypad
• Round shape design: free positioning under the light head

Streamlining operations, saving valuable time

Surgeons performing surgery with a surgical light from Getinge

With fixed settings

  • Fixed light patch (22 cm / 8.66 in)
  • Fixed color temperature or adjustable color temperature option
  • Large volume of light: no need for readjustment
  • Suitable for most surgeries right from the start: dimming automatically fixed at level 3

With a stable illumination

Our FSP is an integrated program that guarantees constant and uninterrupted illumination. This system adjusts the current as the LEDs heat up, ensuring optimum, constant illumination throughout the procedure.

A surgical light answering to risk management

Preview of Maquet Ezea surgical light Careview function that minimize risks of burns or tissue desiccation

Minimize risks of burns or tissue desiccation

When light patches overlap, there is a danger to patient tissue. Careview is a blinking visual alert to notify users of the potential risk of surpassing the irradiance limit due to overlapping light patches.

Drawing of  Maquet Ezea surgical light adjustable color temperatures

Enhance visibility and diagnostic capabilities

Choose between fixed or adjustable color temperatures, offering two distinct choices of warm and cool white light to suit your preferences.

Designed to assist your eyes with Eye Sensitive Response: each dimming step is seen by human eyes with the same amount of light difference, in order to provide a smooth and adapted range of illumination.


Maquet Ezae - A surgical light easy to handle
  • The stable suspension system, featuring friction rings, ensures secure positioning greatly minimizing drift. It has fewer maintenance requirements and minimizes the need for brake readjustments.
  • Strong and proven design: The mobile version boasts a time-tested design
    and incorporates proven technology. Robust 100% steel sheet construction
    ensures durability and sturdiness.
  • The aluminum light head frame ensures long-lasting durability and reliability.
Maquet Ezae - A lightweight surgical light
  • Efficient engineering principles are at the core of this design: simplicity, easy maintenance, minimal number of components, a single PCB houses both LEDs and the main electronic board, eliminating unnecessary cabling and intricate regulation boards.
  • Reduce operational disruptions: The LEDs boast an impressive lifetime
    of up to 60,000 hours.