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Servo-air NIV Mechanical Ventilator

Servo-air NIV is our wall gas independent non-invasive mechanical ventilator designed to liberate your performance.

As a turbine-driven ventilator with powerful battery backup, it can be transported throughout the hospital without requiring compressed air or external power. This is ideal for patients who are striving to reclaim their independence as a vital step to recovery. You also get access to CO2 monitoring, High Flow therapy and other key tools.

Servo-n non-invasive mechanical ventilator, intuitive, powerful, customizable. Personalized ventilation meets high mobility.
Servo-air NIV Mechanical Ventilator
Servo-air NIV

Liberating your performance

Servo-air® NIV is our turbine-driven ventilator for non-invasive ventilation. Like all Servos, it offers ICU-quality ventilation but is more geared towards patients who are recovering or simply require extra breathing support. With its powerful turbine and long-lasting battery backup power, it can also be operated independent of wall gas or power outlets. It features embedded workflows, High Flow therapy, CO2 monitoring and other key tools to help liberate your performance.

Easy to use

Equipped with an intuitive touchscreen, Servo-air NIV makes it easy to get started and builds confidence with every use. The context-based guidance supports you throughout pre-use check, initial parameter setting and the entire treatment.

Uninterrupted ventilation

Servo-air NIV is designed for safe, gentle and gentle continuous non-invasive ventilation. The battery-powered turbine eliminates the need for wall outlets and external power during intrahospital transport. Key features such High Flow therapy can be switched on without requiring a separate device or changing patient circuits. CO2 monitoring and nebulization are also possible.

High mobility

Designed for mobility, the Servo-air NIV is ideal for patients who do not require invasive ventilation or are recovering and need to be moved in the hospital. It can be operated independent of wall gas or external power. Hot swappable batteries provide up to four hours of backup power. If more oxygen is required, it can be connected via a cylinder without switching devices.

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Servo-air niv context based guidance

Context-based guidance

Servo-air NIV provides informative guidance for everything from pre-use check to initial parameter setting and throughout the entire treatment.

Servo-air niv safety scale parameters

Safety Scale parameters

The system Safety Scale tool makes parameter changes quick and intuitive, while dynamic images illustrate how those changes may affect ventilation.

Servo-air niv choose your view

Choose your view

  • Basic and Loops
  • Distance and Family
Servo-air niv alarm management

Alarm management

The frame lights up when an alarm is triggered, and this visual signal is easy to see from any viewpoint. On-screen checklists help you to manage each active alarm and avoid undesired alarms.

Powerful turbine technology

The high-performing turbine generates adequate air pressure and flow to support a wide range of adult and pediatric patients. Like all Servo ventilators, it automatically adjusts the pressure and flow to compensate for the presence of any potential circuit leakage. Turbine lifetime is guaranteed to 50,000 hours, or ten years.

Servo-air high flow therapy option

High Flow therapy option

High Flow therapy reduces the patient’s work of breathing by providing a precise flow of heated and humidified air. This mode can be switched on during both invasive and non-invasive ventilation. Our integrated Aerogen® nebulizer technology can also be used during High Flow therapy.

Servo-air NIV integrated nebulizer

Integrated nebulization

Aerogen® nebulization is integrated into Servo-air NIV, removing the need for a separate device. Aerogen delivers medicine to the patient’s lung efficiently without heating or degrading.

Servo-air niv fast and reliable co2 monitoring

Fast and reliable CO2 monitoring

To measure carbon dioxide levels in real time during expiration (capnography), Servo-air NIV comes with an easy-to-use CO2 monitoring option. It helps you to improve the ventilation quality and efficiency for your patients. In other words, yet another tool on Servo-air NIV to help you personalize your treatments.

Servo-air niv interchangeable expiratory cassette

Interchangeable expiratory cassette

Servo-air NIV features a one-piece cleanable expiratory cassette, so the system can be ready for the next patient almost instantly. These can be used for both invasive and non-invasive ventilation.

High-quality consumables

We offer an extensive range of readily available consumables designed for the highest possible patient safety and ease of use – all to help secure your everyday operations.

Servo-air NIV Mechanical Ventilator

Long-lasting hot-swappable batteries

The ventilator comes with a power cord and up to two hot swappable backup batteries that are easy to exchange, even during intrahospital transport (one battery included in base unit). Their remaining power is displayed in minutes instead of the typical percent to give you a more accurate estimate.

Servo-air Servo-u

Similar serviceability across ventilation fleet

The Servo-air NIV and the advanced Servo-u® have similar user-friendly interfaces. They also share many components, have the same interchangeable patient cassettes, and come with the same easy-access service structure.

Servo-air NIV ready


Pre-use check is performed during stand-by. On-screen help, with images and text, guides you at every step. Servo-air NIV is a turbine-driven NIV ventilator, independent from wall gas and external power supplies.

Servo-air set

Setting up

On-screen instructions help you choose between modes. Dynamic images show how each adjustment affects the ventilation. Intuitive user interface and on-screen instructions.

Servo-air NIV go


Uninterrupted quiet non-invasive ventilation with high pressure and high flow capacity, yet gentle and responsive for pediatric and adult patients. No need to switch to separate High Flow therapy system.

Servo-air NIV free


This NIV, turbine-driven ventilator, which can be operated independent from external wall gas or power supplies, can be used for weaning in the ICU, intermediate care and during intrahospital transport.

Powerful Servo turbine technology

The high-performing Servo-air NIV turbine is capable of generating adequate air pressure and flow to support a wide range of patients, from pediatrics to adults. Like all Servo ventilators, it automatically adjusts the pressure and flow to compensate for the presence of any potential circuit leakage. Turbine lifetime is guaranteed to 50,000 hours, or the equivalent of ten years.

No need to switch devices

The Servo-air NIV is designed to provide a smooth, accurate ICU-quality level of non-invasive ventilation at all times. For example, if High Flow therapy is needed, there is no need to bring in a separate device. You can simply switch it on without changing the breathing circuit, only the patient interface. This smarter, more streamlined use of patient circuits can potentially provide cost savings for your hospital.

Long-lasting battery power

Servo-air NIV comes with two hot-swappable batteries that provide a total of four hours of backup power. So even if you’re unable to find a power outlet or lack access to wall gas, you can always stay up and running.

Adaptable to your setting

A range of mounting solutions support different hospital workflows. Whether you prefer a pendant-mounted solution or want to place it on a cart for bedside use, the Servo-air NIV moves easily with you.

Quality in every detail

Every detail on the Servo-air NIV is designed to make your work a little easier. For example, swivel casters enable smooth, 360-degree wheel rotation under load, with firm locking on all wheels. And ergonomic handles are sculpted to fit your grip and allow for easy lifting.

Sustainability through efficiency

The Servo-air NIV adds efficiency, drives down maintenance costs and reduces waste. It shares many components and parts with other Servo ventilators. Hot swappable batteries, for example, and easy to-clean expiratory cassettes that are interchangeable, meaning you can use any cassette that is ready for use if a patient is waiting. You can also choose from a range of consumables such as nebulizers and interfaces. All original parts and consumables are optimized for lasting high performance.

Keeping costs down

Servo-air NIV helps facilitate high staff efficiency with its intuitive interfaces, which might result in less training time. When switching over to our High Flow therapy mode, there is no need for another device. You can also use the same tubing sets as for conventional ventilation. Should you require support in any way, our qualified service team is always on hand to help you.

  • Protect your Getinge device and optimize the clinical workflow with Getinge high quality consumables.

  • Servo-air NIV technical specifications and information on intended use, clinical benefits, functionality, user interface, power supply, gas supply, weights and dimensions.

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