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Jennifer the singer

Just come along, and she will sing you a song

Music has always been a great part of Jennifer Herbst’s life, representing love and happiness. When the coronavirus began to spread and the lockdowns started, she realized singing would be her way through it. Under the hashtag #stayhome, she has comforted her Instagram followers ever since. 

As a child, Jennifer Herbst could stand in front of the mirror in her home in Sao Paulo, Brazil for hours and imitate great singers like Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. Encouraged by her family she realized that she had a good voice.

“I studied in a catholic school and there was a choir practicing before classes. It was really early in the morning and hard for my parents to get me there in time. But when I turned 11 and could go to school on my own there was nothing stopping me,” Jennifer remembers.

She started playing the guitar too, and every day when she got home she played and singed for a while.

“Music has always been a big part of me; it is the place where I feel most joy. No matter what might be going on, music always make me feel so good on the inside.”

When the school years were over one of Jennifer’s friends from the choir started a band and she was invited to sing.

“I always wanted to be in a band so I was super happy. We started playing in clubs and my friends came to watch, it was a big deal for me. The feeling I get on stage is indescribable, it’s the highest mix of emotions,” Jennifer explains.

After a while, the drummer left for another band and Jennifer came along to audition as lead singer.

“They actually loved it, and we have been together since. Our band is called Banda Troya and the others are still located in São Paulo while I moved to New York, US a few years back. We do concerts every time I go back to Brazil and we recently did a great show celebrating five years as a band.”

Today, with the coronavirus spreading around the globe, it is not possible for Jennifer and the band to get together.

“When lockdowns started I felt a big need to continue to sing. It is what would get me through those tough times. So, I went back to my guitar and even tried the piano, playing and singing songs that make me feel happy. I realized it might make other feel happy too, that’s why I posted a song in my stories on Instagram,” Jennifer tells.

The response was huge. Her friends and followers reached out to her and wanted more songs, more joy. She started to post stories asking her followers which songs they wanted her to play.

“People are going through difficult times now and I want to connect and share my passion for music and at the same time use the #stayhome hashtag to encourage people to continue with the social distancing.  This is how life is right now and we have to deal with it, but we can still connect in other ways, for example through Instagram and music,” Jennifer says and smiles.

Another passion of Jennifer’s is her job at Getinge. She has been with the company for fifteen years and worked her way through the entire product portfolio in various roles. Today she focuses on the Getinge’s Cardiac Assist solutions.

“I love our lifesaving solutions; I am as passionate about my work at Getinge as I am about singing. It is a good balance to get to do both. And of course, my colleagues make me sing at all our internal events which I am happy to do.”

One day when things are different and Jennifer and her band can meet again, they dream of performing somewhere in Manhattan.

“We were actually supposed to before the outbreak. But I am certain it will still take place someday. There will be room for joy and music, also when this pandemic has passed.”

Photo: Lilian Rosa

Find Jennifer on social media: 

Jennifer on Instagram: jennyherbst

Banda Troya on Instagram: bandatroya

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