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Interim report January-March 2012


Reporting period January – March

  • Orders received rose by 10.6% to SEK 5,795 M (5,241), and grew organically by 1.2%
  • Net sales increased by 12.3% to SEK 5,246 M (4,671), and grew organically by 2.2%
  • Profit before tax rose by 0.4% to SEK 570 M (568)
  • Net profit increased by 0.5% to SEK 422 M (420)
  • Earnings per share increased by 0.6% to SEK 1.76 (1.75)
  • EBITA before restructuring rose by 6.6% to SEK 854 M (801)
  • Strong cash flow
  • Favourable earnings outlook for 2012

First quarter 2012

Orders received

The Group’s orders received grew organically by 1.2%. Despite a weak trend in orders received during the quarter, demand is deemed to be in line with plans and the Group continues to expect the rate of organic volume growth for the full-year to exceed the preceding year.

For Medical Systems, organic orders received rose by nearly 1%. In the year-earlier period, normalised orders received increased organically by 7% (adjusted for a major order from Brazil). Extended Care’s orders received declined organically by 0.2%, primarily due to a weaker volume trend in North America, which experienced highly favourable orders received in the corresponding period in the preceding year. Infection Control’s orders received rose organically by 3.6%, with strong growth in both North America and in the emerging markets.

The volume trend for the newly acquired Atrium, which is not included in the calculation of organic orders received, was very strong.Teleconference with CEO Johan Malmquist and CFO Ulf Grunander:
19th of April 2012 at 15:00 CET.

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