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Gothenburg, March 25, 2020

Information about Getinge's Annual General Meeting on April 22, 2020, with regards to COVID-19

Getinge's Annual General Meeting will be held as planned. However, in view of the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 virus, a number of precautions have been taken.

Getinge has decided to make some adjustments to the arrangement for Getinge’s Annual General Meeting to reduce the risk:

  • The meeting will be shortened and will be implemented in a simpler form, without restricting shareholders' rights. 
  • Registration will take place from 10.30 a.m. and not from 10.00 a.m. as stated in the notice. 
  • Euroclear Sweden AB provides the opportunity to act as independent representative for shareholders who are private individuals and have registered to attend the Annual General Meeting but cannot or do not wish to attend in person.
  • No food or other refreshments will be offered in connection with the meeting.

There will only be shorter presentations at the Annual General Meeting and a presentation from the CEO will be published on Getinge's website, after the meeting. Questions from shareholders are to be concentrated to items on the agenda. In addition to the Chairman of the Board, the Vice Chairman and the CEO, Board members and members of the Management Team will attend the Annual General Meeting to a limited extent.

Getinge urges participants to be cautious. If you have been in a risk area in the last 14 days before the Annual General Meeting takes place or if you have been in close contact with someone diagnosed with the new corona virus, Getinge would prefer that you refrain from attending in person. This is to avoid further spread of the virus. Getinge urges all shareholders to carefully consider whether they can be present via proxy instead of in person, and this applies in particular to shareholders belonging to any risk group.

If you as a shareholder will not attend the Annual General Meeting in person, you are able to participate via proxy. Proxy form, required to represent shareholders and exercise their voting rights, is available for download on Getinge's website, under the tab Annual General Meeting 2020. It can also be downloaded here.

Euroclear Sweden AB has informed Getinge that they, free of charge, offer an opportunity for registered shareholders who are private individuals to appoint a representative appointed by Euroclear Sweden to vote in accordance with the shareholder's instructions. Getinge welcomes this initiative. More information about this possibility and the necessary proxy form can be found on Euroclear Sweden's website, Euroclear Sweden does not act on Getinge's behalf with regards to this service.  

Getinge is monitoring the development of the COVID-19 virus closely and will update the above described precautions if needed. We ask everyone who intends to attend the Annual General Meeting to keep up to date via about any additional measures.


For more information, please contact:

Lars Mattsson, Head of Investor Relations
Phone: 0734 244 692