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Gothenburg, Sweden on July 22, 2020

Getinge introduces new planning solution to bring down surgery backlogs

COVID-19 could potentially lead to 30 million cancelled or postponed surgeries worldwide in 2020[1] (http://#_ftn1). Clearing the backlog will be a worldwide priority that is estimated to take a full year – even if hospitals increase their daily number of surgeries performed by 20%. In the effort to support, Getinge now launches Torin OptimalQ, an efficient planning tool for prioritizing the surgical wait list caused by COVID-19  

“We all feel the effect of COVID-19; our health care professionals most of all,” says Matthias Rath, Director Product Management & Business Development OR Solutions at Getinge. “To help health care providers restart their surgical activity, we looked at how we can utilize our miles of data and knowledge on surgery planning. We now offer a solution that is scalable, easy to deploy, and that offers quick results for staff and patients.”

Torin OptimalQ is a cloud-based software solution that merges customer waiting list data with Getinge knowledge base information on average procedure duration and best planning practices. Matched with patient scorings and hospital capacities, Torin OptimalQ calculates the best way to prioritize the surgery schedule per OR, week or service. The solution is offered as stand-alone for existing Torin OR Management customers or in a Software as a Service (Saas) environment with consulting expertise to support hospitals in fine-tuning their processes around the surgical pathway.

Torin OptimalQ can be upgraded to the full Torin OR Management solution at a later point in time, helping hospitals realize even more significant improvements with accurate surgery schedules, real-time progress updates, performance analytics, and complete surgery documentation.

If you would like to know more about Torin OptimalQ, please contact Getinge or download the e-book.