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Improved handwashing possibilities at health care facilities in Nepal thanks to WaterAid program

Getinge’s partner WaterAid now installs 311 handwashing stations at health care facilities in Nepal, and at the same time reaches hundreds of thousands of people with hygiene education. The nurse Sunita Kharel already feels she can provide safer care.


WaterAid is right now running a program in Nepal to educate hundreds of thousands of people about hygiene. They are also bringing contactless handwashing stations to 311 health care facilities in the country, something that makes the workday a lot easier and safer for Sunita Kharel, who is a nurse at the Bhumlutaar Health Center.

“Since handwashing is very important to prevent spread of viruses, our new contactless handwashing stations are very useful. Health centres are the first place people visit when they have health issues, so it is important that we, the health care staff, have the right conditions to help avoid contamination.”

Previously, Sunita and her colleagues only had a bucket and soap for handwashing, which was not very practical as everyone had to touch both the soap and the mug to scoop the water. The new contactless stations, located at the entrance, are entirely operated by the foot.

“Everyone can easily wash their hands now without touching the same items so there is definitely less risk for infections. We all feel much safer now in terms of preventing the spread of viruses and health care acquired infections.”

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Getinge and WaterAid

In 2020, Getinge and WaterAid teamed up in a partnership to strengthen access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene at health care facilities around the world.

Photo: WaterAid / Mani Karmacharya