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Getinge’s HL 40 heart-lung machine performed flawlessly during a complex first procedure at el Hospital Universitario de Cruces

In September, the first live case was performed using Getinge’s new HL 40 heart-lung machine at el Hospital Universitario de Cruces in Baracaldo (Vizcaya) Spain. The patient had multiple cardiovascular conditions, including aortic dilation, mitral insufficiency, and obstructive cardiomyopathy. Almost five hours of perfusion time was needed, and no issues were reported during the procedure.

Heart-lung machines control circulation, bypassing the heart and lungs during certain types of surgery. Under the supervision of a perfusionist, the heart-lung machine maintains consistent blood flow and oxygenation during complex cardiac surgical interventions. 

The perfusionists at el Hospital Universitario de Cruces received comprehensive training on the new HL 40 machine and I am happy that they were impressed by the flexibility and safety of the equipment during the procedure, says Óscar Viana Manzano, Product Manager Cardiopulmonary (Spain) at Getinge.”

For decades, Getinge has been a leader in producing state-of-the-art heart lung machines and the HL 40 is no exception.

“It offers the latest in advanced technology, usability and reliability, featuring an intuitive graphical user interface with embedded perfusion calculators for frequently used measurements and metrics. Software configurations are optimized to meet safe clinical protocols,” says Dr. Dušan Nikolić, Global Product Manager at Getinge.

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