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Cloud-based software solutions to support healthcare delivery

With the acquisition of Talis Clinical LLC, global medtech supplier Getinge expands its connectivity solutions with a vendor agnostic interoperable offering focused on high acuity care areas where advanced clinical and operational guidance can support the delivery of improved clinical outcomes and resource management.

The Talis Clinical solutions, acquired by Getinge in late 2021, are designed to connect to medical devices, integrate with patient data, provide meaningful insights and deliver those insights to the right decision makers in a timely fashion. The tools support and enhance high acuity care workflows in Anesthesia, Cardiac Surgery-Perfusion, ECMO, Labor & Delivery and Critical Care.

“By contributing to more ways to safely connect medical devices, irrespective of vendor, with patient data we want to help more medical teams in their important job to care for patients. The Talis Clinical technology allows users to focus on critical patients as high-acuity events occur” says Jens Viebke, President Acute Care Therapies at Getinge.

A transition period has already started to integrate Talis Clinical with Getinge, and business will continue as usual for the existing Talis Clinical customers. Also going forward, it will continue to be developed as an open and vendor agnostic platform.

“Digitalization plays a significant role in evolving health care as the need to do more with less is higher than ever before. By jointly working to connect health care through advanced technology all stakeholders, including customers, device companies and suppliers, will be able to develop stronger care solutions that ultimately enables better patient outcomes and lower treatment costs,” says Jens Viebke.

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