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Getinge’s new washer-disinfectors Aquadis 56 offer efficient throughput and sustainable performance

Aquadis 56 is Getinge’s new product family of innovative mid-sized premium washer-disinfectors; high-performance devices that helps meet long-term efficiency and sustainability goals for infection prevention across health care institutions.

For decades, Getinge has been building efficient washer-disinfectors that meets customer demands. The fully automatic and sustainable mid-sized washer-disinfectors Aquadis 56, that can handle a wide variety of instruments and loads, are no exceptions.

“We designed Aquadis 56 with a ‘less is more’ mentality. It’s amazing how our R&D team managed to get so much capacity into such small devices, still making it environmental friendly,” says Marcus Samuelsson, Product Manager Cleaning & Disinfection at Getinge.

With a unique two-pump system that uses less energy, water and detergent while delivering more effective cleaning of instruments and equipment – Aquadis 56 allows customers to spend less money over the entire life cycle of the product. Faster turnaround of disinfected items also means reduced delays between uses.

“When it comes to sustainability and safety, there can’t be any trade-offs. We wanted to provide effective cleaning and high throughput in a small physical and environmental footprint. Speed control and dual-circulation pumps uses water more efficiently while the cycles use less water and energy. We also made sure the detergent dosing and dilution is precise to minimize waste.

In order to maximize functionality and flexibility, there are two Aquadis 56 models; 56M with a manual folding door and 56A with an automatic vertical sliding door.

“Aquadis 56 also feature an innovative, user-friendly interface display. The intuitive design mirrors other Getinge products, requires less training, simplifies processes and reduces the risk of error since it can be easily operated by staff at all experience levels.”

Both models come with ergonomically efficient and unique loading trolleys and flexible storage tables for ergonomic and efficient transfer of wash carts.

“Aquadis 56 integrates with our sterile supply management solution T-DOC for full traceability and cleaning data can be securely accessed on demand via the encrypted Getinge Online service portal.”

During the development phase of Aquadis 56, two new patent applications for new technologies were filed which are now patent pending.

 “The first patent application relates to filling and controlling the washing chamber in an efficient and environmentally-friendly process.  The second patent application is for a vertically-closing door which is both closed and sealed by a single motorized motion.”

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This text is intended to provide information to an international audience outside of the US. Please reach out to your local Getinge sales representative for questions about market availability.