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“Saving lives is without question the greatest job in the world”

Elin Frostehav has spent the last three years developing Getinge’s Critical Care business, most notably, leading the ramp-up of ventilator production to record levels during the pandemic, which helped clinicians around the world to save many thousands of lives. Today, Elin breaks new ground by taking on the position as Getinge’s President Acute Care Therapies.

“Saving lives is without question the greatest job in the world and to be able to do this by working with Getinge’s passionate and extremely knowledgable team and with health care providers around the world is a strong driving force for me taking up this role” says Elin.

Elin firmly believes that Getinge is a medtech company that can provide world-leading innovative health care solutions, today and tomorrow.

“We have a solid foundation and many market-leading solutions in Acute Care Therapies. I look forward to continuing our journey to becoming the world’s most respected and trusted medtech company, and to leading our future growth journey by making sure our life-saving products are available in more markets and through innovation and an accelerated digitization journey.”

Elin is a big believer in building strong teams and establishing a high-performing culture with the customer in focus.

“None of us knows everything and none of us are perfect, but if we team up, we can achieve great results while learning and having fun together. What we managed to do during the pandemic in terms of ramping up the production of ventilators is a strong proof of this. It was amazing to see how Getinge employees, customers, distributors, governments, partners and competitors joined forces to help more patients worldwide.”

“By working in close partnerships with customers, society and the end-users, the Acute Care Therapies teams will bring their passion, quality mindset, and deep knowledge to continue develop therapies and products that will save and improve the lives of many people.”

Acute Care Therapies develops advanced therapies for intensive care, cardiovascular interventions and acute circulatory support, that enable clinicians to save lives, improve clinical outcomes and reduce treatment cost.

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