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Getinge releases updated version of endoscope washer-disinfector

Today, Getinge releases an updated version of the ED-Flow automated endoscope reprocessor. The new features bring a higher level of digital connectivity and data management to Getinge’s endoscope reprocessing customers, which will result in improved uptime and increased productivity.

Endoscopes are used in an increased number of procedures, making endoscope reprocessing an important part of any infection prevention plan. It is a complex process, given all the requirements for safe and reliable cleaning, storage, and transportation of endoscopes.

“Every time we develop new endoscope reprocessing solutions we focus on delivering value to our customers while maintaining the highest levels of safety and efficacy. Our solutions are designed for consistency, accuracy and cost-effective operations and our updated ED-Flow is no exception,” says Don Socha, Global Product Manager Endoscope Reprocessing at Getinge.

ED-Flow efficiently performs leak testing, cleaning and high-level disinfection of flexible endoscopes, delivering effective, reliable results. New process indicator lights have been added to allow easy visibility of the process status from across the room, which creates improved department workflow leading to higher productivity.

“Access to real-time digital process data makes it possible to better utilize our traceability software T-DOC with ED-Flow and also connect to Getinge Online. Getinge Online is a secure web portal that provides real-time and historical performance information of equipment to enable faster resolution of issues and gain insight on equipment utilization. By monitoring the operations remotely, hospitals can improve uptime, optimize workflow and more efficiently manage costs,” explains Don.

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This information is intended for an audience outside of the US. For questions about market availability, please reach out to your local Getinge sales representative.