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Getinge’s Vac-a-Scope System enables safe storage and transport of flexible endoscopes

Today, Getinge launches Vac-a-Scope; a patented benchtop packaging system that prepares and stores endoscopes, preserving instrument integrity from reprocessing through to the procedure room.

As the use of endoscopes increases across hospitals worldwide, scope reprocessing plays a more and more important role in the fight against health care acquired infections (HCAI).

“HCAI can be costly and the Vac-a-Scope System, already successfully used in the UK for years, allows for storage of ready to use endoscopes in a convenient location without taking up space in a drying and storage cabinet and can minimize the frequency of unnecessary reprocessing, which saves time and money. The system helps protect flexible endoscopes from contamination and damage,” says Don Socha, Global Product Manager Endoscope Reprocessing at Getinge.

Getinge’s Vac-a-Scope System consists of a full range of accessories that work seamlessly to meet customer needs. Besides the vacuum unit, there is a process monitoring system, a selection of trays as well as liners and vacuum bags to protect clean endoscopes from contamination and to keep both staff and working environment safe from exposure to dirty endoscopes.

By removing air without introducing additional contaminants that could compromise safety or cleanliness, Vac-a-Scope preserves the scope integrity.

“Just like our other solutions, Vac-a-Scope is designed with patient safety in mind. The tamper proof, triple sealed vacuum bag allows dry, high-level disinfected endoscopes to be stored for up to 30 days,” explains Don.

Vac-a-Scope requires minimal training as health care staff can simply load the vacuum bag with the endoscope in its tray, scan, and go.

“With Vac-a-Scope, we now offer our customers a complete solution for endoscope reprocessing, in our aim to help fight HCAI and contribute to a more sustainable health care.”

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