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She is on a never-ending journey to help save more lives

Just three months after cytotoxic drug treatments following a complex surgery, Julie Ruhana Bashar was eager to get back to work at Getinge to continue build medical devices that help save people’s lives.

In the middle of the pandemic, when Julie Ruhana Bashar and her colleagues at Getinge’s production unit in Solna, Sweden were building ventilators like never before to bring help to patients all over the world, Julie herself got a tough message.

“For some time, I had been feeling unwell. After a few checkups, they confirmed I had a rare form of cancer in my bladder. Surgery and removing the bladder was the best way forward,” tells Julie.

When arriving to the operating room (OR), Julie was anxious about what would come. However, some items in the room immediately made her feel calmer. The anesthetist gently asked Julie why she suddenly looked so happy.

“It was because in that big OR, I saw some familiar Getinge products: the operating table, surgical lights and the anesthesia machine they would use to sedate me before the surgery and keep me asleep, while breathing.”

Julie had been building anesthesia machines and ventilators for years in Getinge’s production unit in Solna.

“Seeing the Flow-i in the room was a big comfort for me in a very difficult situation. I work with these solutions every day and knowing they would use it for my surgery made me feel at home and completely safe.”

The medical team managed to remove the bladder and replace it during a surgery that took nearly 12 hours. Afterwards, Julie needed cytotoxic drug treatment for six months, and already three months after this, she wanted to come back to work.

“I was missing my colleagues and our mission to build medical devices that help saving lives. Both the pandemic and my own care experience made me realize even more, how important our contributions are.”

Julie is recovering well and is glad that she managed to come back to work so quickly, and that she could do it in a pace that allowed focus on her rehabilitation.

“Coming back to work helped me recover and kept my joy for life going. Now I am continuing my development within Getinge, to keep playing an important part on our never-ending journey to help save more lives.

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