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Marlene and Dowreng featured on the cover of Getinge's Annual Report

Marlene Forsström and Dowreng Borssén Broberg, featured on the cover of the newly released 2022 Getinge Annual Report, are proud to build devices that help save lives.

If there's one thing Marlene Forsström and Dowreng Borssén Broberg absolutely agree on, it's that coming to work and meeting their colleagues at Getinge is like coming home to their second family.

"Together with our wonderful colleagues, we build anesthesia machines and ventilators that help medical staff save lives, which is amazing. We feel like heroes and we're lucky to be part of this every day," says Marlene.

She has been with Getinge for 23 years, whereas Dowreng joined four years ago.

"We're aware of just how important the machines we build are, and it has become more and more obvious in the last few years. During the most intense months of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were building ventilators around the clock here at the Solna factory in Sweden. We dedicated our hearts and souls to the work, and it was worth it," says Dowreng.

They both primarily work in the modular department, building the gas module that controls the flow in the anesthesia machines in the Flow product family as well as in the Servo ventilators. The modular department is part of a long manufacturing and logistics chain; thousands of components and various checks are required before a machine is ready to leave the factory.

"We work flexibly between the various stations and jump in where we're needed most. Since we're building high-quality products for hospitals, our work requires very high precision. I always have the patients in mind and know how important it is that I do my best in order for them to receive the best possible care," Marlene explains.

Dowreng agrees and also highlights the open, encouraging climate at their workplace:

"All the input that our production team give our colleagues in R&D is valuable for developing new products. We all push each other to perform our best and to provide the best possible value to our clients. It’s simply a workplace where we are all passionate about what we do and where people want to stay."

Getinge recently released the 2022 Annual Report, where both Marlene and Dowreng appeared on the cover. Marlene has previously featured in videos produced by the medtech company, but for Dowreng, being a model is a totally new experience.

"It's so great to be on the cover! As you see, we have a wonderful time together, through good and bad," say both Marlene and Dowreng.

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