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Joakim Thoresson’s 18 years of passion at Getinge

Meet Joakim Thoresson, a dedicated assembly line worker at Getinge's Växjö factory in Sweden. With 18 years of experience, Joakim's unwavering passion and collaborative spirit have contributed to the creation of life-saving solutions crucial to hospitals worldwide.

As Getinge’s factory in Växjö, Sweden celebrates 80 years of building medtech solutions, Joakim Thoresson celebrates 18 years with the company. For him, it has been a fulfilling journey driven by passion and a shared purpose. As an assembly line worker, Joakim has played a vital role in constructing life-saving solutions that have a profound impact on hospitals around the globe.

"I really enjoy working at Getinge," Joakim affirms with a smile. "The atmosphere is fantastic, and I have incredible colleagues who make every day enjoyable. The supportive work environment, coupled with a shared commitment to support our customers with vital solutions has helped build a strong team here in Växjö.”

Joakim highlights the close collaboration between the assembly line workers and the research and development (R&D) team.

"Working together with R&D is exciting. Together, we develop sustainable solutions that truly make a difference in healthcare," he explains. “It ensures that Getinge's products remain at the forefront of innovation, providing hospitals with essential tools to enhance patient safety and well-being.”

Getinge's washer-disinfectors play a critical role in healthcare, serving as a crucial step before sterilization at central sterile supply departments (CSSDs) around the world.

"Our products are essential for the safety of patients and healthcare professionals alike as they help minimize healthcare acquired infections and improve overall hospital hygiene," he emphasizes.

As Getinge prepares to launch a new washer-disinfector this year, Joakim and his colleagues are setting up an entirely new assembly line.

"Preparing a new assembly line provides us with fresh opportunities and keeps the work dynamic," he shares.

In conclusion, Joakim Thoresson's 18-year journey at Getinge reflects a deep passion for improving healthcare. He values collaboration with his colleagues, cherishing the meaningful work they accomplish together. With the launch of a new product on the horizon, Joakim's enthusiasm and dedication serve as a testament to Getinge's purpose to make life-saving technology accessible to more people.

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