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When craftmanship meets care: Theodoros Sioutalos dedication to building OR tables

In the heart of Rastatt, Germany, Getinge employees have been building operating (OR) tables for decades. Meet Theodoros Sioutalos, whose passion for crafting medical marvels is part of shaping the healthcare industry.

With an inspiring journey that began as a 16-year-old apprentice, Theodoros Sioutalos' bond with Getinge has grown strong over the years.

"The medtech industry is crucial for the future of healthcare, and it feels fantastic going to work knowing that you are a piece of that puzzle," Theodoros reflects.

Alongside his colleagues, Theodoros assembles the Maquet Magnus operating table system, ensuring that every component aligns seamlessly. He is the “team speaker” which means he is a liaison with team leaders and interfaces, meticulously coordinating work, tracking priorities, and ensuring resources are optimized.

For Theodoros, the solidarity and environment at Getinge are key factors in making it a great workplace.

"Whenever you need it, you will always receive support, and you are never alone.”

The flexible working hours allow him to embrace the diversity of his role, also working on other products – a testament to the company's commitment to holistic growth.

OR tables are pivotal in healthcare, and Theodoros has seen their impact firsthand already during his apprenticeship. His journey into the medtech field was driven by a desire to contribute meaningfully.

"It makes me delighted to know that our work is supporting medtech staff and patients every day, all around the world," he explains.

Central to his success is teamwork. Open communication and collaboration across interfaces enable the delivery of high-quality products.

"Challenges can be clarified more quickly," Theodoros emphasizes, underlining the importance of streamlined coordination.

At Getinge, employee input is important when it comes to fostering innovation and changes, which is something Theodoros values. He and his team were instrumental in creating the Maquet Magnus assembly lines, with employee ideas influencing construction and changes.

Quality is paramount in healthcare equipment, and Theodoros' team ensures it through meticulous evaluation and testing. Critical assembly steps are documented and controlled, reflecting the company's commitment to excellence.

As a young veteran in the field, Theodoros extends a warm invitation to aspiring employees:

"The work here is varied and very diverse. And we serve a great purpose. I remind myself often that every OR table we craft holds the potential to transform lives.”

Theodoros’ journey is a testament to the rewarding nature of the industry, where craftsmanship meets care.

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